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I think It's about time I gave a few credits to the organisations and individuals who've helped me create this site!

I currently use NetObjects FUSION 7.5 as my site building program, and I find it a great piece of software to use.  I can work in plain English - no HTML knowledge is really needed, and the screens are all very much 'What You See Is What You Get'.  Like any program it takes some time and effort to get to know it, but after a relatively short period of experimentation it's certainly possible to get a good looking site! 

Click the logo to visit NetFusion's site.

To keep the site up to date as painlessly as possible I use Crystal SiteUpdater. Once the software's got all the relevant detail it's a simple matter to compare what is currently uploaded, and for only any amendments to be created on the server - no hassle, and saves taking up additional time and bandwidth.

Click the logo to visit Crystal's site.

Of course I must also say a big 'thank you' to who provide the web space for this - and many other railway related sites worldwide - at no charge.  In return , they place their banner and rail related advertising at the head of each page and this, personally, I find unobtrusive.

If you're considering publishing your own site I'd strongly recommend that you consider using them.  They are friendly and helpful, and when I've asked for additional space for this site, it's always been increased without problem and within a matter of days!

In case you've missed the links, visit here!

A few personal credits too!  Thanks to Piccadilly Pilot, Traindriver, Solidbond, Tubeprune (for whom my first articles were originally written), Chris Adams, Thornton Tom, Tube Troll, Bob Yeldham and Phil Wimbush (and anyone else I've forgotten!) for their help and support in putting this all together.

And thanks to the family too for putting up with the hours that I spend beavering away at my PC in my little cubby hole to produce all this! And here is 'Mission Control' where it all happens!

Probably the most important items you see there are the overworked coffee mug and ash tray!

The PC itself is a pretty much home built affair, but many of the recent components (and much of the advice!) have been supplied by Comsat Technology Centre who can be found at 59 High Street, Ruislip, HA4 7BD - phone 01895 621111 or e-mail

Again, click the logo to visit their site.


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