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Around the District Line

This section a mixture of text and pictures to illustrate and describe some of the features that can be seen at locations around the line.

I'm including details of some signals, with appropriate explanations, views of features on stations which have some interest and are not 'generic' to all locations and perhaps some areas which are unusual and/or unique architecturally. There will also be views of locations which, although familiar to the public, have been taken from locations which are not available to the public.

My hope is that I'll be able to continue to expand this section as time passes and when opportunities to take my own camera out continue to arise. Odd as it may seem there are many stations which I've never actually looked around - I travel through them on an almost daily basis but have never had a good look at them in detail!

This section will be as the line is today, though where relevant in explaining the reason why features are there I will make reference to the history of the location. If you are interested in reading more of the history of the line and how it came to be as it is, I'd personally recommend Piers Connor's book 'Going Green' published by Capital Transport.

Some of the images I'm reproducing have been supplied by Phil Wimbush and Tube Troll (grateful thanks to them for providing them and allowing their use) - the captions and explanations are mine!

If you would like to supply any appropriate pictures which you feel fit into this category I'd be delighted to receive them.

Each location will have a page of its own - some will be larger than others and my plan is that the layout of the section will follow the route of the line; the west end branches of the line are a little more difficult, so I'll be grouping together photos from that end according to the branches.

You can navigate this section either from the buttons to the left or by using the table below.

Pages in this Section

Acton Town


Putney Bridge

Parsons Green

West Kensington

Earls Court

Triangle Sidings

High Street Kensington

South Kensington

Aldgate East


West Ham


Barking & Upney

Dagenham East


Dagenham East Area


At the suggestion of reader of this site, I'm going to include a diagram of the stations and immediate area on each of the pages to try to give an idea of the context of the features I'm describing; the diagrams used are the signalling diagrams for the areas concerned and are orientated west<->east.  They are quite complex in the symbology they use and I hope the following key will help in you understanding them.

Each of the diagrams on the individual pages is 'clickable' so that a larger version can be seen.

From time-to-time other material comes into my possession which relates to events and occurrences at specific locations, so I am also going to use this section for bringing such images into the site.  When this occurs I will try to explain the reason for the inclusion, though I think often it'll be pretty self-explanatory!


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