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Refurbished D78 Stock and C69 Stock at Earls Court

(Photo by Solidbond)

Welcome to my London Underground site - I hope you find it of interest and that you'll come back again as it continues to grow.

Although broadly concerning the whole of London Underground it inevitably focuses on the District Line - the line on which I work. However, much of the information contained here is generic to the network.

Those of you who are avid readers of matters related to London Underground will also find some of the items that appear here on the excellent Tubeprune site. I originally wrote my first article for him in about mid 2001 and this was followed by what has now turned into my Driver's Diary.

For those who are not aware of this great site, follow the link later and read and learn!! Many of my colleagues agree that Tubeprune is the amongst the best around and universally agree that we all learn from it. In some of the articles here you'll find highlighted links to give further in depth reading on specific topics - some of these will link to Tubeprune as I cannot do better than he in going into fine details!

It was in May 2003 that I first started work on what now appears here following suggestions from a few people that I should start my own site. Coincidentally at about the same time a free web site building program was given away with one of the computer magazines so I thought I might as well give it a go.  This site first appeared in late May 2003 and the rest, as they say, is history!

When I first started this site off I deliberately set out to preserve not only the anonymity of others but my own too. However, the latter aim now seems to be one of the worst kept secrets if not on London Underground then certainly on the District Line!  But I understand that the site's well received in official circles, and that I take as a compliment.  One of my aims has always been to 'tell it like it is' but in such a way as to explain how and why situations occur and the reasons behind what can sometimes seem a bit chaotic.

I'm constantly trying to improve the site, both in appearance and content and welcome suggestions from readers.  Indeed much of the growth has been 'demand led'.

My own photos that are included have been accumulated for various reasons. Obviously in my work I have opportunities to take pictures of things that are not generally available to the public. Some of these were taken for my own interest, some were taken in response to specific requests from others, but they're all my own work!  Some have appeared elsewhere, and I'm more than happy for that situation to continue.  But if you wish to use any of them for other purposes please request permission and credit as appropriate - thanks.

Other peoples photos used are acknowledged and credited appropriately and I extend my thanks to those who have contributed to date.  These have become an increasing feature of this site and I'm delighted to be able to share them. Though I acknowledge them individually elsewhere, thanks to all who have contributed. All images reproduced remain the property of the owner(s) and must not be reproduced without the consent of the owner(s).

On the links page you will find a range of links on a wide variety of subjects, including simulations of various sorts, railway related sites and organisations involved in the historical and preservation aspects of railways and transport. Rather than simply provide a link, I do try to give a brief overview of the purpose and activities of the site and organisation behind it, if appropriate.

I try to ensure as far as possible all the information contained here is accurate, and I use the following books - published by Capital Transport - for additional information and to check my own knowledge: 'The Story of London's Underground' by John R. Day and John Reed, 'The London Underground Official Handbook' by Bob Bayman and Piers Connor, 'Going Green' by Piers Connor and 'London Underground Rolling Stock' by Brian Hardy.  I also refer to 'London's Underground' by John Glover, published by Ian Allan.  For more in depth reading about London Underground I would strongly recommend all these titles.

As you browse around the site you will happen across sections and pages that have nothing to do with London Underground, but which are on topics in which I have an interest and hope you'll find interesting too.

Finally (and although it's said on the previous page, I'll repeat it here) ... the usual disclaimer.... the views expressed here are solely those of the author(s) or contributor(s) and not necessarily those of or endorsed by (nor is this site connected to) London Underground Ltd or Transport for London.

All works are © copyright and remain the property of the owner(s)and author(s) who assert copyright ownership of the layout, content and Images on this site.  Reproduction without permission is prohibited.

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