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District Line Gallery


(Updated 28 January 2005)

Originally, I had all the photos that appear on this site in one single 'Gallery' section (apart from those galleries dedicated to the work of a particular individual), but this has become rather cumbersome, so I have now split these up into five separate galleries of what I hope are more logical groupings - I hope that this will make for easier navigation.

The amended format is:

The photographs included that have been taken by me have been done so for a variety of reasons - some were purely for personal interest, some in response to requests.

Many, although of similar topics, were taken at totally different times, but I've grouped them with each other for the sake of some kind of continuity!

It's my plan to continue to extend these galleries when the opportunities arise to get some appropriate additions, and I'm also continuing to delve into the collections of friends and colleagues. 

Thanks are extended to the following who have contributed to date:

  • Chris Adams
  • Phil Wimbush
  • Chris Cobley
  • Tube Troll
  • Tom Corcoran
  • Bob Yeldham
  • John Ridgeway-Wood
  • Ray Bennett
  • Tim Healy
  • Thomas Crame

One point that I would emphasise here is that many of the photographs shown have been taken in locations that are not accessible to the public.  Almost all that have contributed are members of London Underground's staff, and have been taken in locations where they are authorised to be.

If you are not a member of staff I would remind you of the conditions and guidelines shown here.  In summary, never, EVER go anywhere you should not be, both for your own safety and that of others.

On a final personal note, you may have realised from comments elsewhere on this site that I have a deep dislike for graffiti, and wherever possible try to avoid this being shown in these galleries - sadly however this is not always possible.

You can navigate this section either by using the buttons to the left or by the table below.

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D78 Stock

Refurbished D78 Stock

C69/77 Stock

Ealing Common Depot

Upminster Depot



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