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D78 and C69 Stock trains at Wimbledon

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Recent Updates

To help you keep track on the return visits I hope you'll make, the following 'quick reference' chart should help you to keep current with the updates and additions I make to the site.

Clicking on the highlighted text will take you straight to the new or amended page and, where appropriate, to the added text or detail.

I'll periodically delete details from this chart so that it's content will stay roughly appropriate to the previous four week's updates.

25 May 2005

An update on the D78 stock refurbishment programme can be read here.

A new page has been added to the Train Equipment section on the subject of Correct Side Door Enable.

Also added to the same section is a new page on the Runback Protection System being installed to London Underground passenger rolling stock.

26 May 2005

A new page has been added to the Signals & Signalling section on the topic of Applying the Rule.

A few items have been added to the News, Rumour & Gossip section, which can be seen here.

31 May 2005

A few additional images have been added to the Runback Protection System page.

Again, I am informed that the first two refurbished D78 trains will appear in service. Details can be read here.

1 June 2005

A further brief update on the D78 refurbishment programme has been added here.

3 June 2005

I've received a collection of photos of the CO/CP Stock unit that's preserved at Quainton, and these can be seen here.  Thanks to Chris Westcott for these.

6 June 2005

It's been a while since I've updated the Railway Preservation section.  I've redressed this today with an update on the work of Cravens Heritage Trains. Have a read here to see the latest news, and do seriously consider getting involved!

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