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 The Burlington-James South route

The Burlington-James South route

Start of service: 1913
End of service: May 12, 1941
Route: Barton & Kenilworth to King & James via Kenilworth, tracks of HRER, Burlington and James, then forming one-way clockwise loop along James, Herkimer, Locke, Main, Margaret and King.
Antecessor route: GTR & James South route

In 1913 streetcar tracks were built on Burlington street between James and Sherman, where they connected with the tracks of the HRER. The Burlington-James South route was created to service These new tracks, as well as additional new trackage along Kenilworth. The Burlington-James South route formed an one-way clockwise loop along James, Herkimer, Locke, Main, Margaret and King back to James, and then ran via James, Burlington, the tracks of the HRER and then Kenilworth to Barton.

The Burlington-James South route remained unchanged until May 12, 1941, when the Westdale-James North and the Burlington-James South routes were merged to form the Burlington-Westdale route. All streetcar service on Margaret, Main St West, Locke and Herkimer west of Queen was permanently discontinued, while the service on James South and Herkimer east of Queen would see a temporary repreive in the form of the York & Aberdeen route.


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