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 Jones Closed DEST Streetcars (HSR #105-116)

Jones Closed DEST Streetcars (HSR #105-116)

Built by Jones in 1896 for a Brooklyn NY area transit operator, these 12 closed streetcars were bought by the HSR in 1904, and rebuilt in 1905. HSR 111 was destroyed in the South Car Barn fire on January 20, 1908. The 11 remaining streetcars were scrapped by 1927.


Length 30 ft, 4 in
Width 7 ft, 4 in
Height 12 ft, 0 in
Trucks Taylor
Motors Various
Weight 25 000 lbs
Seating 30

Some of the dates for these photos are unknown, and the locations are often just a guess. If you know either date or location, email me!

(All photos © Tom Luton, except where noted)

HSR 106 on James St South near Young, 1912

HSR #106 heading south on James St South near Young on the 'GTR & James St S' route in 1912. (Photo courtesy of the Hamilton Public Library, Local History & Archives, used with permission)

HSR 108 heading southbound on James at York on the Incline Ry route, Date unknown.

HSR #108 heading southbound on James at York on the Incline Ry route. Date unknown, but the Lister Block has been rebuilt after the 1923 fire, and it's before 1928 because Eaton's hasn't taken over the Arcade yet.

HSR 111 after the Great Riot of 1906.

Postcard of HSR #111 after the Great Riot of 1906. The caption reads 'Car 111, which was wrecked by mob on King St. E, Saturday Night, Nov 23rd 1906. Every panel of glass in this car was broken, holes were smashed through woodwork, interior of car filled with stones and bricks up to the level of the seats'. The postcard is postmarked December 28 1906, so this photo must have been taken within days of the riot, possibly as soon as the morning after.