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 The Red route

The Red route (I)

Start of service: May 26 1877
End of service: 1878?
Route: Stuart & Bay to King & Locke via Stuart, James and King St West.
Antecessor route: Western Branch

May 26, 1877
The Red route was previously called the Western Branch, and was renamed to match the colour of the horsecars on its route. The Red route ran from from Stuart & Bay to King & Locke via Stuart, James and King St West. However, the HSR depicted the nearby second Stuart Street Station as the Stuart terminus.

Circa 1878
The Red Route was renamed the GWR Station and King Street West Route, although it was informally still called the Red Route.

The Red route (II)

Start of service: July 11, 1887
End of service: June 16, 1890
Route: James & Guise to James & Herkimer. Later extended to Herkimer & Locke.
Antecessor route: James North & King West

July 11, 1887
The James North & King West Route is renamed the Red Route.

June 16, 1890
The Red route was renamed back to the James North & King West route.


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