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JLS Railroad Helix Structures Construction 4, The Power Plant

JLS Railroad Helix Structures Construction
Page 4
The Power Plant

These are pictures chronicling the construction of all structures on the Helix and H-yard.

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The transformers for the Power Plant under construction. One painted, one unfinished. Both were scratch built from Plastruct Parts.

Joe Barcia working on a fitting for the Power Plant

The site of construction, the concrete base layed has been "poured" already

The "unscenerized" layout of the Power Plant

A close-up shot

Here it is, completed and sceniced

The finished scenery around the Power Plant and above the tunnel descending the Helix

The completed Power Plant. Notcie the tilt? Well, we nick named the Transformer grid "the leaning tower of the JLS Railroad" (we really didn't, we named it something else, but I'd probably get in trouble if I posted it's real name). Since then, the problem has been corrected and the Plant looks great, thanks to Chris Lusardi, a member of our club who was incharge of correcting the "tilt".


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