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JLS Railroad Helix Structures Construction 5, The Refinery

JLS Railroad Helix Structures Construction
Page 5
The Refinery

These are pictures chronicling the construction of all structures on the Helix and H-yard.

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Initial construction of the Refinery

Here, you can start to see components such as walls and the cracking tower forming

The completed Cracking Furnace building. Total construction time was about 10 hours.

After painting (well, actually still drying), the Cracking Furnace looks great, thanks to Al Rapp, chief of our Painting Committee.

The platform, under construction

Here is Al Rapp, Chief of the Painting Committe, hard at work on the platform

The area where the Refinery is located, work on the surrounding scenery is underway

A wide shot of the entire area, here, you can see the exact size and positioning of the Refinery complex in the H-Yard

The surrounding scenery is completed now

Working on the small details and piping

Al Rapp and his assistant Jason Lombardo hard at work painting concrete slabs for the loading area of the Refinery

Al Rapp painting something, haha, his normal position

The completed Refinery complex, everything is inplace except for the dry transfers


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