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JLS Railroad Helix Structures Construction 7, The Coal Depot Page 2

JLS Railroad Helix Structures Construction
Page 7
The Coal Depot
Page 2

These are pictures chronicling the construction of all structures on the Helix and H-yard.

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The front of the Coal Depot, here, you can see the frame for the top unit

A view from a distance, the completed top unit

A shot of the detailing of the top unit and overhang. The pulleys and counter-weights are all hand made, like on the front detailing, they are also fully functional

The underside detailing being put together

The completed center tipple, mounted underneath the Depot

A closeup of the front of the Coal Depot

A rear shot of the Depot, notice the ladder leading to the top platform. The operator of the upper pulley system would be stationed there

The completed Coal Depot. The total time from start to this point was about 25 days of constant, daily work, averaging 6 hours per day.

A completed rear shot, now onto painting and the roof


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