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JLS Railroad Helix Structures Construction 8, The Coal Depot Page 3

JLS Railroad Helix Structures Construction
Page 8
The Coal Depot
Page 3

These are pictures chronicling the construction of all structures on the Helix and H-yard.

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A completed shot of the Coal Depot from the side

Here are the aluminum sheets for the roof. Each sheet was dipped in Ferric Chloride (acid) for a few second. This ate away the aluminum almost instantly and rusted them up very quickly (over night).

Here, you can see the aluminum sheets, the button 2 are fully weathered by the acid, the top 1 is new.

The completed roof. Due to the flash of the camera, the colors bled out, but, take it from me, the roof is beautiful. All rusted, along with rust holes really show the age of the Coal Depot. The roofing for on the small structure on the roof has not been installed yet.

The completed and painted Coal Depot. The entire structure was painted with 9 bottles of Floquil Oily Black with a brush. Painting took an additional week, about 30 hours total for painting. It was worth it though

A rear shot of the Coal Depot after painting

A shot of the Coal Depot in it's final resting place, the H-Yard

A distant shot of the H-Yard and Coal Depot, here, you can see the overall size of the Depot. It turned out to be 2'5" high, 2' long and 1'3" wide. A very nice addition to the H-Yard.

A nice shot of Uintah #50 and Uintah #51 fueling under the new Coal Depot. Now you can really see the size of the Depot when compared to LGB's largest production locomotive!

A shot of Uintah's #50 and #51 fuel from the Coal Depot, this time, a view from the front of the Depot


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