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JLS Railroad Helix Structures Construction 6, The Coal Depot Page 1

JLS Railroad Helix Structures Construction
Page 6
The Coal Depot
Page 1

These are pictures chronicling the construction of all structures on the Helix and H-yard.

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The frames for the front and back of the Coal Depot. The entire coal depot was scratch built from individual strips of bass wood, all cut, shaped and fit by hand.

Here are the frames as the cross members and planks are being applied

The Coal Depot comes to life as the front and back are erected and the side members are installed

A shot of the inside of the Coal Depot before the side members were applied

The side members are all applied here, and, are drying. Testors wood glue and CA were used in the construction of the Coal Depot

The completed Coal Depot frame

A shot of the interior of the main frame, now with the bottom slats installed

Fat Mama watches the angled portion of the roof being installed. Every angle was cut by hand on every strip of bass wood

The roof members that will support the aluminum roofing material have been installed. You can also see alot of the newly built and installed details. The tipples were constructed from styrene sheets, weathered and installed. The counter-weights are supported by real chain and working, hand turned pulleys. The system is fully operational and prototypical.


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