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223 Restoration Crew | 223 project

Restoration Crew Members.
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We lose a few, we gain a few, and some stay on
but we can always use more.


Class of 2010

L to R kneeling: Daland Spiers, Doug Clark, Joshua Bernhard, Kerry Klarr, Dave Wagstaff, Lee Witten
L to R standing: Steve Smith, Maynard Morris, Steve Jones, Lee Secrist, Maurice Greeson, Slim Jolly, Bob Wachs, Richard Carroll, Mike Burdett

Previous years

Mike Burdett, Richard Carroll, Doug Clark, Vern Day, Bruce Draper, Steve Jones, Jerry Krause, Maynard Morris, Dale Newley, Lee Secrist, Dale Silverton, Joe Stammen, Lee Witten