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Maynard Morris | 223 project


Maynard is our leader on the restoration of #223. None of his relatives ever worked on a railroad but Maynard didn’t let this minor point get in the way of learning how to restore a steam engine. With a degree in nuclear engineering, and a career in the Air Force, Maynard took to large complex projects with the same enthusiasm he tackled the #223. While in the Air Force he was chosen for leadership roles and even went to a “secret school on the care and upkeep of those things that make a big bang”. The Air Force then sent Maynard to school where he obtained a Master’s degree in logistic management. He became proficient in military satellites and traveled around the globe evaluating their performance. Maynard also worked in the civilian world of engineering and finished his career with the title of “Senior Staff Engineer”.

If you watch Maynard in the shop, you can see his mind working out a problem with those same talents he developed in school and on the job; engineering, logistics, maintenance and leadership. If Maynard doesn’t have a metal part in his hand, look for a technical book, an engineering drawing or a note in his pocket to check out a paint that can be applied over a rusty air tank. If you are standing around with your hands in your pocket, you can be expected to be put to work simply because he needs good men and women to help get the job done. Just to fill in his time, Maynard had his own radio show and some may even call him a pool shark.