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Andy Anderson | 223 project


Born in Tombstone Arizona, Andy has some stories to tell. His dad was an engineer on the Southern Pacific and his mom was a telegrapher also on the Southern Pacific. Andy worked in copper mining operations in Arizona for 25 years and found his way to Utah where he now works for Kennecott mining. He does project work for Kennecott and is responsible for large endeavors where he brings his supervisory and planning talents to bear. He tells the story of how he became a volunteer on the #223. He was explaining a “dispatch board” or “track board” to his daughter when volunteer Dave Wagstaff walked by and immediately understood that here was a man who would fit right in with the restoration team. Because of Andy’s multiple talents with tools, and the fact that he a boilermaker by trade, he has become a vital part of the efforts to bring back #223 to life. Andy is still working for Kennecott in project management, but he finds volunteering at the shop “downright relaxing!”

Andy feels that one of the biggest benefits to bringing back #223 to life will be watching kid’s eyes when they see big wheels, steam, stripped engineer’s hats and when they hear the throaty sounds of a steam engine with its unforgettable whistle.