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Mike Buckmaster | 223 project


Mike grew up in a mechanical family. His granddad had a farm in Colorado with a train track along its border. Granddad worked as a track inspector for that section but not as a full time employee. His grandma made the section gang meals which supplemented the farm income. Mike was stationed aboard the air craft carrier USS Coral Sea where he was a machinist mate assigned to steam driven turbines and this added to his life’s work as a man who uses his hands and can take the heat. He went onto a career in maintenance in the mining industry and air compressor maintenance at Kimberly Clark for 25 years.

Doug Clark talked Mike into checking out the restoration teams efforts on the #223 and Mike was hooked. Mike brings a wealth of maintenance experience on compressors, boilers and he is happy to say, high speed production diaper equipment.

Mike has been a care giver to his dad which tells you a lot about his family commitment. His wife has encouraged Mike to get away from the house and he willingly comes to the shop every Saturday morning. Mike has always been comfortable around men who enjoy their work, are self starters, and can appreciate looking back on a job well done. This is one reason he wants to bring the dream of a huffing, puffing narrow gauge steam engine on line.