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Dan's Railroad Gif Roundhouse

Locomotives in the above scene are drawn by me, rolling stock is from myself and numerous other giffers. Their sites can be found on my links page.

Welcome to my Train Gifs page. I first discovered these small train drawings in 2001 when I stumbled on Ron Paludan's Railmation site. I started by repainting a few gifs and have since drawn all my own. I personally enjoy drawing steam locomotives, and I've got over 50 different steam locomotives drawn so far, with many more on the "to-do" list. This site is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer and 800X600 resolution. What exactly are "Train Gifs"? A history of them can be found here.

I realize I've been neglecting updates on this site, but I've been busy over the last year drawing sprites for an expansion for Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Thanks to TTD Patch by Josef Drexler and other talented people from around the world, this game has received a new lease on life. I've made small contributions to various train sets for the game, but I've been concentrating on the US Train Set. The Transport Tycoon Forums community is a great place to learn about the Patch and all its features, as well as see all of the expansions. In addition to the US train set, I'm also drawing trains for my own creation, a Canadian Train Set. I've also got a number of other gifs to post up here. I'll try and keep this site more up to date. In the meantime, why not check out my work in the US train set?

Is there a steam or diesel I haven't got here you'd like to see? If so, e-mail me!

Latest Updates: Oct. 13, 2006 - Large Scale Gifs added - Gas Electric Doodlebug in 'Self Propelled' Section, Heavyweight Passenger Coach added to passenger section, D&NL Painted Doodlebug added to D&NL Roster page.
Oct. 11, 2006 - Added New 1:55 Scale section, updated BAR BL2 gifs, Updated D&NL Pages.

Last Updated October 11, 2006

The Steam Locomotive Roundhouse - All my steam on one page

NEW!! - Large Scale (1:55) Gifs

Canadian Locomotives

Canadian National Locomotive Gifs
CNR/Newfoundland Railway Gifs
Canadian Pacific Locomotive Gifs
Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia Railway
Dullbridge & North Lake Railway (Fictional) - Takes you to the D&NL Main Page
Essex Terminal Railway
GO Transit
London & Port Stanley Railway
Northern Alberta Railway
Quebec Cartier Mining Railway
VIA Rail Gifs

Canadian Passenger Cars

Canadian National Passenger Car Gifs
Canadian Pacific Passenger Car Gifs
VIA Rail Passenger Car Gifs

American Railroads

Alaska Railroad
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
Bangor & Aroostook
Chicago & North Western
Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad
East Broad Top
Interstate Railroad
Milwaukee Road
New York Central Railroad
Norfolk & Western Railroad
Pennsylvania Railroad
Reading Railroad
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railroad
Tennessee Central Railway
Union Pacific
Virginian Railway

Foreign Rail and Non-Rail Equipment

Australian Railway Equipment
Prototype British Railway Equipment
Thomas the Tank Engine Gifs
Trucks and Buses - Road Vehicles seen from the 40's to the present
Ships - Great Lakes Freighters Past and Present - Features the Edmund Fitzgerald

My Train Gif Scenes - All of my scenes linked in one place

Links to other Train Gif sites - Browse the growing community of Train Gif sites on the web.

Any questions, comments, requests, please e-mail me

Dan MacKellar