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MoPac Diesel Power - First Generation
EMD GP7, GP9, GP9m, GP18

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EMD GP18 MoPac Diesel Power - First Generation

MP 505 - This busy little GP18 pulls out a mixed train at Hoisington, Kansas - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

The General Purpose road switchers



Diesel Domination - the 1950's-'60's

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  the GP18

GP18 EMD 4/60 1/63 151 units

4801 - The date is April 1960 and the first unit of the first order of GP18's is presented to the MoP. Here the brand new Geep is seen through the lens of the EMD Company photographer. - EMD Photo/T. Greuter Collection

MP traded in it's obsolete FA and FB Alcos three-for-one to EMD for additional GP 18's in 1963. They were delivered on the old Alcos' trucks, a dead-giveway to this group's heritage.

MP 426 - a GP18 loco on ALCo trucks, parked at Hoisington, Kansas May 1973 - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

MP 445 - a GP18 loco. Hoisington, Kansas August 1972 - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection.

MP 514 - a GP18 equipped with torpedo tubes (steam generators) on its hood, used by engines in passenger service. The bottom skirting is slightly different from other GP18's as well. On this November day in 1972, passenger service on the MoP is nothing but a memory. Hoisington, Kansas - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

MP GP18 #524 - was built as MP 4820 in June 1960. It was renumbered to MP 524 in the early 1970s. It later became MP 1872, and was retired in April 1984. - Photographer and Location unknown /Jay Glenewinkel Purchased Photo Collection

MP 531
- a GP18 at Wichita, Kansas - July,1972 - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

MP 528
- a high-nosed GP 18 - EMD-built diesel, rated at 1,800 hp. This one is in the as-delivered Eagle colors scheme. Photographer & Location unknown, 11/1/64 - Photographer unknown/T. Greuter collection ·

MP 545
- a GP18 at Hoisington, Kansas in December 1970 - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

MP GP18 #1858 - was built in March 1960 as MP 4805. In the lare 60s, or early 70s, it was renumbered to MP 509. In the mid 70s, it was again renumbered to MP 1858. It was retired in 1984. Here it is close to Gardendale, Texas in 1978. - Robert Pollard Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

MP 1917 -
in E. St. Louis, IL., back in Aug 1976. The two MOP geeps ( both desperatelly in need of a bath ) are headed south in the direction of the Dupo yards. This obviously would be a transfer run from the St. Louis yards to the yard at Dupo. Geep # 1917 is on the point. - Mike Haper Photo/T. Greuter Collection

MP 1976 - a GP18u 1976 (which, along with GP7u #1776 - see above) was MoPac's offering to commemorate the American 1976 Bicentennial. - © Brian Paul Ehni photo, used with permission.

See Bicentennial Units for more.

MP 1986 - a GP 18, built in December of '62 with a rating of 1,800 hp. Early orders of these units were delivered with high noses, but later orders like 1086 came with the nose were chopped low and riding on Alco trucks from retired FA's and FB's. The modern 4-digit numbering, spark arrestors and snowplow modifications date this photo after 1974. - © copyright George Elwood photo, used with permission.

  the GP7 - MoPac subsidiary Texas & Pacific

501 - GP18 in white and blue scheme was delivered in April 1960 as T&P1146. - Photo/The Bill Folsom Collection (to purchase full-size photos contact Bill at: )

Featured Photographers:
Alyn Merrill, Brian Paul Ehni, Glen Beans, Arthur B. Johnson, George Elwood, Jerry Carson, Robert Pollard-Jay Glenewinkel Collection, F. Hol Wagner, Jr., and Lee Berglund

Missouri Pacific Diesel Power by Kevin EuDaly

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