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MoPac Diesel Power - Second Generation

MP 3085, an SD 40 lead by U30 C #229 in both in screaming eagles. Texarkana, TX, 6/76 - © Brian Paul Ehni photo, used with permission.

Like an unstoppable juggarnaut, despite financial difficulties that continued into the 1950's and the Recession of the 1970's, the MoPac was unrelenting in it's philosophy to stay in the forefront of technology. The company built one of the largest rosters of modern motive power of any railroad. The company was booming with growth while other railroads held steady or adopted a philosophy of deferred maintenance. MoPac with it's service-oriented mindset and drive to not be left "behind" helped it to turn the corner and become a successful company while many other flags faultered.

The Missouri Pacific fielded a colorful array of locomotives and paint schemes in it's 100-year history. With the birth of the diesels we saw the classic blue and gray scheme with yellow trim on early Geeps and streamliners. With an economic step taken in 1961 the "Jenk's Blue" body, with white reflective scotch-lite stripes and buzzsaw heralds on the cab was introduced. In 1964 the large "screaming eagle" began to appear on the long hood of turbo-charged units. In 1974 the buzzsaw herald was replaced with the new eagle logo, and a large I.D. number applied to the sides, replacing the large eagle. On some older models, this last step was skipped and we saw the classic "double eagle" scheme.

The 1974 scheme revisions included: the 3-inch stripes and chevrons were changed to 5-inches wide; the turbo-eagles were replaced by large numbers BN-style on all units; and the buzzsaw decal giveway to the eagle-buzzsaw under the cab windows - the first time the new company logo was applied to any MP rail equipment. It wouldn't be until 1978 that this logo would findits way onto the sides of rolling stock. Also, units with the new 1974 treatment often did not receive the white chevrons on the rear face of the long hood.

Finally, the loco roster saw no less than three numberings in this time period.

As the recession of the late 1970's wore on, MoPac continued its purchases of new road power while most roads were made due with what they had.


Primed with Power - the 1970's-'80's

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  the SD40

SD40 EMD 3/67 4/71 90 units

\Missouri Pacific SD40 #700 -
was built in March 1967. It was later renumbered to MP #3000 in the late 1970s. It wore the MP yellow paint scheme as MP 3000. It was retired in January 1989, and rebuilt by Morrison Knudsen as an SD40-2, and then leased to the Canadian Pacific. - Location unknown, Mike Bledsoe Slides/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

MP 702
- an SD40 at Hoisington, Kansas in June 1972 - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

MP 724
- an SD40 is in command leading a pair of U30 C's # 961 and 965 on these prairie rails at Olmitz, Kansas on October 1971 - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

MP 740
- an SD40 loco, next year it's first number of 3-digits will be updated to four to make room on the growing roster. #740 rolls over the snowy tracks at Hoisington, Kansas on January 1973 - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

MP 754
- an SD40 with red sunshades speeds into McKraken, Kansas on May 1973 - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

MP 758
- an SD40, leads two more in turbo eagle paint with a train that leads as far as the eye can see. She's speeding over the Kansas prairiescape, west of Hoisington. August 1972 - Lee Berglund photo, /T. Greuter collection ·

MP 763
- shot west of Hoisington, Kansas in December 1970 - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

MP 765
- an dusty SD40 caught running through Hoisington, Kansas - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

MP 769
- shot west of Hoisington, Kansas in December 1970 - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

MP SD40 3001 - was built as MP 701 in 1967. It was renumbered to MP 3001, then went to Wisconsin Central in 1988 as WC 4001. It is seen here at Centennial Yard in 1985. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MoPac SD40 #3010 - crosses the MKT diamonds at Tower 55 in Fort Worth, Texas in 1984. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP 3026
- this SD40 almost glitters in new Jenks Blue paint at Omaha, Nebraska on April 28, 1980. - Jerry Bosanek Photo/ T. Greuter Collection ·

MP SD40 #3032 - was built as MP 732 in February 1968. It was renumbered to MP 3032 in the 1970s. The unit was retired and scrapped in October 1991. MP 3032 is seen in at Tower 55 in Fort Worth, TX in January 1984. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP SD40 #3033 - was built in February 1968 as MP 733. It was retired in 1991.- Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP 3039
- one of a handful of SD40's with double eagles. Hi-nosed geep #1710 is parked on the neighboring track while a buzzsawed double-door box is seen in the background - Photographer unknown, shot in Missouri in June 1984. - photographer unknown/T. Greuter collection ·

MoPac SD40 #3054 - just recently received its new number and paint in this October 1977 photo. It is pictured here with a brand new Santa Fe SD40-2 at Lancaster (Now Centennial) Yard in Fort Worth, Texas. - Robert Pollard Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

MoPac SD40 #3056 - in San Antonio, Texas in 1986. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP SD40 3057
- passing MP 2244 switching in San Fernando Yard in San Antonio, Texas - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP SD40 3068 - was built as MP 768 in 1970. It was renumbered to MP 3068. It is pictured here in 1984 at the Sosan Yard diesel shop in 1984. The building behind the unit is the former International & Great Northern roundhouse, which was torn down by UP in the early 1990s. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP SD40 #3071 - working with 2 other SD40s in helper service on one of the first San Antonio Coal trains operated by Union Pacific in 1984. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP 3072
- this SD40, like other MoPac SD units, became a common sight on the UP at North Platte, Nebraska. Meanwhile, somewhere on the MoPac system a UP engine is likely filling it's place. The date is June 19, 1977 - © Glen Beans (330 kb)

MP 3086 - the
SD-40 has put away many, many miles behind her when seen here at Dolton, Illinois on August 26, 1984. - William Raia Photo/T. Greuter Collection

1/72 - MoPac's first EMD GP38-2. It would continue buying until it amassed a total of 326 units (all-time most popular model on MP).

12/72 - EMD SW1500 comes to the system.

1/73 - First MoPac order of the GE U23B

Featured Photographers:
Glen Beans, Paul De Luca, Jay Glenewinkel, J. C. T., Steve Rude, Daryl Favignano Collection, Jerry Bosanek, J.D. Santucci, Bob Yanosey, Train Nutz, George Elwood, Railblazer, James E. Gilley collection, Elden Baker, Ronald Estes, Chris John, Dave Franz, William Raia, and Lee Berglund

Missouri Pacific Diesel Power by Kevin EuDaly

Every effort has been made to get the correct information on these pages, but mistakes do happen. Reporting of any inaccuracies would be appreciated.

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