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Mixed Power Former MoPac Diesel Power
The Post Merger Era

GP 38-2 #2323 picks up cement cars at the Ready-Mix plant near the state fair grounds, Lincoln, Nebraska. 1/9/96

After the consolidation of the UP and MP in 1986, the Missouri Pacific name began to dissappear. Even until today, the MoPac fleet was the largest aquired by UP, second only to the Southern Pacific's, which UP bought almost two decades later. Approximately two-thirds of that fleet is still in UP service as of January 1, 2001. It is in the works, that by the year 2005, UP plans to "purify" its power roster into only 7 models types on the roster... MP15s, GP15s, GP38-2s, SD70Ms, SD90MACS, C44ACs, and a few of the Dash 9 units... which means most of the remaining ex-MP units will be retired in the near future.

This page covers the former Missouri Pacific power from the time after the company's absorpotion by Union Pacific up to Today. (The Missouri Pacific still existed as a company on a few pieces of paper right on up to the year 2000, though for our purposes we're covering power after the application of the 'MISSOURI PACIFIC' name ceased to be applied to the fleet.)

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From Bluebirds to Canaries - Before & After
      the GP38-2

Missouri Pacific 2087 is an early model of the GP 38-2 locomotive, with shorter fuel tank, different grills and fans than on later models. Compare with it's present appearance shown below in UP colors. - Used with permission. © copyright George Elwood
The same engine, now known as Union Pacific 2087. The MoPac owned a huge fleet of th GP 38-2s, and most of them survived to merge into the UP system. The most noticable post-merger difference aside from the paint is the removal of the 4 spark arrestors from the exaust stacks. Lincoln, Nebraska. 1/13/96 - T. Greuter photo

EX-MP GP38-2 2021 - was built in January 1972 as MP 870. It was renumbered to MP 2021. It was to be renumbered UP 2347, but never made it to UP paint or numbers. It was retired and leased to Grand Trunk Western in 1988. From there it went to Helm Leasing and operated as a lease unit retaining its full MP paint and number. It is pictured here at Burlington Northern diesel facility in Portland, Oregon in 1989. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

Though not a very good photo, MoPac GP38-2 #2075 was among many GP38-2s that went to HATX and was then leased back to the Union Pacific. The 2075 became HATX 200, and later became UP 1830. It is scheduled to be renumbered to UP 330. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

HATX 200 - was built as MP 927 in January 1973. It was renumbered to MP 2075 and retired in 1994. It went to HATX 200. It is pictured here in San Antonio, Texas in 1997. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

Wisconsin Central (ex-MP) GP38-2 #4025
- at M-K-T's Sloan Yard in 1990 - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

PL Lease (ex-MP) SD40 #3043
- on the Southern Pacific freight in Kirby, Texas in 1985 - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

      Bluebirds that were Not MoPac's

In 1988, several Union Pacific SD40s were rebuilt and refitted with dynamic braking for lease to the Wisconsin Central/Oxford. Units such as #3068 (former UP 3068) were shopped in Little Rock, and due to the surplus of MoPac's Jenks Blue paint, both UP and MP units alike received a fresh coat of blue paint before delivery.

These units were among the last to come out of the former Missouri Pacific's N. Little Rock shops in a fresh coat of Jenk's Blue. (thanks to R. Keller)

Wisconsin Central (ex-UP) #3068 - is pictured here in San Antonio in 1988. Note that the numbers and number boards are not typical MP-style.

The real MP 3068, also an SD40 became UP 4068, was retired and sold to Morrison Knudsen in 1990, then rebuilt and sold to CSX in 1990. It was renumbered CSX 8449. - Steve Schuman Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

Wisconsin Central (ex-MP) #4001 - IS on the otherhand a former MoPac SD40 unit, MP #3001. MP SD40s that went to WC/Oxford were re-numbered into the 4000-series while UP's were in the 3000. It is seen in San Antonio in 1988. - Steve Schuman Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection



Former MoPac Power Today

      the SW 1200

PT 1268 - the former MP 1268, was built 2/65 and retired by MoPac and sold to Chrome in 6/85. The photographer, John Cockle, works for a small switching carrier in Richmond, CA called Parr Terminal Railroad. The company now owns an ex-MP SW1200 #1268, shown here in her current dress.
6/6/01 - John L. Cockle photo

PT 1268 - Parr Terminal Railroad aquired the #1268 from Chicago Rail Link as their #52. It also served on the Terre Haute, Brazil & Eastern as their #100. The loco is seen here in the process if getting a new paint job. 6/6/01 - John L.Cockle photo

      the B23-7

UP 100 - was the first B23-7 delivered to MoPac, as #4600. 6/01 - T. Greuter photo

UP 129 - once known as MP 4629. 7/7/01 - T. Greuter photo

UP 161 - the former MP 4661 at Council Bluffs, Iowa 8/18/01 - T. Greuter photo

      the GP15 AC

UPY 716 - one of 30 owned by MP, the former MP 1716 is seen at Boone, Iowa 9/8/01 - T. Greuter photo

UPY 744 - the former MP 1744, the last unit of MP's final order for GP15's at Boone, Iowa 9/8/01 - T. Greuter photo


      the GP38-2

UP 2163 - a GP38-2 also once known as MP 2163 - Falls City, Nebraska. 5/3/97 - T. Greuter photo
#2263 - (GP38-2) heads another former MoPac loco, 9020 and Southern Pacific 5397 on the old MoPac rails cutting through the university campus to drop off grain cars at OL&B. Since theses rails now lead to a dead-end, the locos will later push the cars out instead of pulling. Lincoln, Nebraska, 5/1/97. - T. Greuter photo

- This GP38-2 still wears the MoPac's Little Rock block-style lettering. Lincoln, Nebraska, 11/16/95. - T. Greuter photo ·
#2320 - A greasy GP38-2 changes cars on old MoPac rails on a hazy Saturday afternoon, Lincoln, Nebraska. A common phenomenon of Roots Blower engines that idle for extended periods such as the GP38 series; the lube oil tends to pool at low engine speeds and extended idling, and then blew oil out all over when revved up. You may see oil around the top and sides of carbodies on GP38 series units that are captive to yard and local service. It is also somewhat common for the turbocharged SD45's as well (Tuch). 6/3/95 - T. Greuter photo
#2325 and #2309 - (both GP38-2) back loads of grain onto the OL& B track, switching from old MoPac rails in Lincoln. Hints of it's ancestery. 3/24/96 - T. Greuter photo
Rear detail of #2325, caught again, this time parked at Union, Nebraska, 4/13/97. Note the spare set of coupler knuckles. Most of the details are the same now as when this little geep was owned by the MoPac. - T. Greuter photo
Front left truck detail of the GP38-2 with typical MoPac speed recorder and underframe mounted bell. Some of the grey has peeled away, exposing Jenk's Blue underneath. - T. Greuter photo
Close-up of the ownership plaque on the Geep's side sill. - T. Greuter photo
GP38-2 #2328 on the old MoPac rails in Lincoln, Nebraska. For a shot that was a little unique, I climbed a nearby inoperative block signal where the Rock Island and MP once crossed (now gone). If you look closely you can see the engineer is notifying the nearest mental ward. 3/11/97 - T. Greuter photo

UP 9896
- ex MP GP38-2 at Southern Pacific's Kirby Yard in 2000 - Steve Rude Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

      the SD40-2

UP 4154 - (ex-C&EI #3154), as the lead engine throttles through Union on it's run to Omaha, Nebraska from Kansas City. #4154 was purchased for the MoPac's C&EI division. This engine still has the MoPac style snowplow, while it's side mounted bell has been relocated underneath the frame and the nose lights removed. 4/13/97 - T. Greuter Photo

UP 4205 - (former MP 3205) an SD40-2 sports MoPac style block lettering. Built in August, 1975 as MP 3205, now converted to a "B" unit, rides into UP's yard. under the Sun Valley Blvd. bridge in Lincoln. The EMD-built 40-2 without dynamic brakes were MoPac's most abundant model on the roster. 6/27/95 - T. Greuter photo
It's a hot, muggy Independence Day as #4205 is found again, parked outside Lincoln Station platform in downtown Lincoln. 7/4/95 - T. Greuter photo

UP SD40-2 #9899
- (ex-C&EI/MP 3150) in San Antonio, Texas in Oct. 2002 - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

UP 9904
- (ex- MP 3155) in full colors of the 'Great Yellow Borge' (a.k.a. Union Pacific R.R.), recently seen at east yard in San Antonio, Texas. January 2003. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

UP 9907 A former MoPac SD40-2 with Little Rock block lettering on its sides pauses at Union, Nebraska. It has been newly re-numbered by Union Pacific. 3/31/01 - T. Greuter photo

UP SD40-2 9928 - is pictured here in Temple, Texas on a BNSF freight in March 2001. The 9928 is former MP 3280. - Steve Rude Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection


      the SD50
UP 5004 - Not a great shot, this SD50 was caught one day quietly dropping off cars in UP's yard, Lincoln, Nebraska. These units wear the the first MoPac-owned road diesels never to wear Jenk's blue paint or screaming eagles, being delivered after the UP merger. 3/27/96. - T. Greuter photo

      the C36-7
UP 9020 - Now lettered for the UP, a powerful C 36-7 leads a Southern Pacific tunnel-motor engine, crossing 16th St. on the old MoPac tracks. Like the SD 50's, these locomotives were delivered to MoPac in yellow paint and were the last units for the railline to purchase. I was suprised to see the UP crew trusted the neglected rails with the huge locos, but they held. Soon after the UP merger this track had been downgraded as unfit for six-axle engines. Lincoln, Nebraska, 5/1/97 - T. Greuter photo

UP 9020 - from a fish-eye view (photo-composite). Lincoln, Nebraska, 5/1/97 - T. Greuter photo



Featured photographers:
Jay Glenewinkel, Steve Rude, John L. Cockle, Steve Schuman, George Elwood, Chris John, Thomas J. Golden

Missouri Pacific Diesel Power by Kevin EuDaly

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