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EMD GP38-2
MoPac Diesel Power - Second Generation

MP 2038 - a GP38-2 powered Missouri Pacific freight westbound on the eastside of the Huey P. Long bridge at New Orleans; April '77- © Gary Morris Photo





Enter the Screaming Eagles - the 1960's-'70's

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  the GP38-2

GP38-2 EMD 1/72 8/81 326 units (all-time most popular model on MP)

MP 874
- a GP38-2 at Hoisington, Kansas, 11/72. - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

MP 896 - this GP38-2 is caught as it pulls through the yards of South Omaha, Nebraska in 1974. - © William W. Kratville Photo/T. Greuter Collection

MP 898
- a GP38-2, maybe the rest of this loco is covered in grime, but it's nose is clean enough to eat off of. Hoisington, Kansas, 2/73 - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

MP 920
- a GP38-2 in contrast sparkles in the prairie sun. East of Hoisington, Kansas, 11/72 - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

MP 920
- the same Geep slows through the yard at Hoisington, Kansas in May 1973 - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

Mo-Pac GP38-2 #2017 - leads GP35M 2601 on a freight in Omaha Nebraska in November 1978. - Jerry Bosanek Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

MP 2023
- parked near the Union Pacific freight house at Lincoln Station, a freight yard shared by UP and Burlington Northern. She's still in blue, but has the marks of the new merger partner all over her. She already has "UPL" stenciled above her number boards. She may have been the last blue bird to pull switcher duty here, at Lincoln, Nebraska on 4/9/98. - Richard Wilson Photo/T. Greuter Collection ·

MP 2023 - The same unit shot at the same place and on the same day as above. She's a GP38-2 (2,000 hp) still a bluebird, but beginning to show signs that it's being stripped of it's MP heritage. Lincoln, Nebraska, 4/9/89 - photographer unknown/James E. 'Grumpy' Gilley Collection

MP 2023 - Seen once again, this time at Longview, Texas; 1989?. Notice the shroud added in front of the engineers side of the cab. These shrouds were designed for Union Pacific to be used on SD40's as added space for the crews' grip. MoPac found a few in Salt Lake and used them on some MOW trains to hold extra tools. - J.C.T. Photo. Contact J.C.T. for a list Train Picture CD's for sale

MP GP38-2 2029 - was delivered to the MoPac in January 1972 as MP 878. It was renumbered to 2029 in 1974. It remains in service today as Union Pacific 1811. The 2029 is pictured in San Antonio in 1986. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP 2032
- another GP38-2, which appears ready for the east run to Union from Lincoln, Nebraska on March 5, 1976. - © Glen Beans Photo (330 kb)

MP 2035
- a GP38-2 and GP-18 #1917 roar over the bleached grassland of Kansas, May 1979 - Lee Berglund photo, T. Greuter collection ·

MP GP38-2 2064 - was built in October 1972 as MP 913. It was renumbered to MP 2064 in 1974 to run in a consecutive number series with newer GP38-2 purchases. The 2064 went to the Grand Trunk Western RR in 1988, and was renumbered GTW 5720. The 2064 is seen here in Palestine, TX. If you look along the roof line, you will see the original number (913) bleeding through. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP 2073
- switches cars in San Antonio, Texas - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

Though not a very good photo, MoPac GP38-2 #2075 was among many GP38-2s that went to HATX and was then leased back to the Union Pacific. The 2075 became HATX 200, and later became UP 1830. It is scheduled to be renumbered to UP 330. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

Missouri Pacific 2081 - passing work cars (troop sleeper) near Jacksonville,Tx; September '81 - ©Gary Morris photo

MP 2087 is an early model of the GP 38-2 locomotive, with shorter fuel tank, different grills and fans than on later models. - Used with permission. © copyright George Elwood

MP 2088 - "The never happy MoPac" with it's frowny-faced nose stripes, a GP38-2 (built 2/73) leads 232 (also MP owned, formerly #4832), a B30-7 in canary colors on a frosty Kansan day. Number 2088 is wearing the early version of the blue-bird scheme with thinner reflective stripes, buzzsaw decal and small numbers high on the long hood. Marysville, Kansas, 3/5/89 - photo from the collection of James E. 'Grumpy' Gilley.

MP 2093
- GP38-2 at San Antonio Texas in 1979 - Robert Pollard Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

MP 2094
- switches cars at San Antonio in 1991 - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP 2099 - was built as MP 948 in 1973. It was renumbered to MP 2099, then became UP 2099 in 1990. The MP 2099 is seen here in San Antonio in 1985. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP 2103 - was built in MP 952 in April 1973. It was renumbered MP 2103 in late 1974. Mo Pac 2103 retained its blue paint until mid-1996, being the very last MP blue unit to be placed into the UP roster. It is seen here outside of San Marcos, Texas in 1987. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MoPac GP38-2 #2105 - is in San Antonio in 1987. - Steve Rude Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection


GP38-2 #2106 - at Villa Grove April 1985. - J.D. Santucci Photo

MoPac GP38-2 #2116 - is at Sosan Yard in San Antonio, Texas in 1988. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP 2129/Caboose 13046 -
GP-38-2 in Villa Grove, Illinois on July 30, 1985 - Photographer unknown/T. Greuter Collection

MP 2132 -
with numberboards glaring, GP-38-2 paired with a UP unit sullenly waits through the gloomy downpour at Texarkana, Texas on July 2, 1989 - Rick Hacker Photo/T. Greuter Collection

MoPac GP38-2 #2138 - is the trailing unit on a Shreveport, LA bound freight. It is seen in Fort Worth in 1984. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP 2138
- a GP38-2 in the eagle buzzsaw scheme. Lyons, Kansas, 2/85 - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

MP GP38-2 #2154 - was built in October 1977. It was renumbered to UP 2154 in September 1986. MP 2154 is seen in San Antonio, Texas in January 1986. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP 2163
- at Sosan Yard in 1986 - Robert Pollard Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

Mo-Pac GP38-2 #2182 - in Fort Worth, Texas in June 1984. - Gary Zuters Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

As a general rule all Geeps owned by MoPac had modifications made by the railroad to the exaust stacks, most visibly the application of spark arrestors. The stacks on the GP38-2's had their own list of variations, depending on the unit's phase. Some had only twin stacks, some had the liberated 4 stack exhaust, while the final phase with 88' nose and anti-climber had two short circular exhaust stacks.

#2009-2157 had 4 manifolds
#2158-2217 had 2 manifolds
#2218-2237 had 4 manifolds
#2238-2289 had 2 manifolds (these were ex-RI units)
#2290-2334 had 4 manifolds

MP 2212
- at Ft. Worth, Texas in 1986 - Steve Rude Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

MP GP38-2 #2219 - in San Antonio, Texas in 1987. - Steve Rude Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

Ex- Rock-Island GP38-2's

The Rock Island GP38-2's that the MoPac acquired after that road's demise had an unusual feature. There were deadman's pedals on them, but instead of being real deadman's pedals, they instead were connected to the whistle. You could step on the pedal to sound the whistle. I thought this was a great idea. It kept your hands free for braking and bailing off the engine brakes should you have to do this when approaching a crossing. (JD Santucci, Engineer)

These units, even though they were not very old when the MoPac acquired them, were in sorry shape. Many of them suffered from serious lack of maintenance. They were delivered to us from the EJ&E who picked them up from the Rock estate via interchange at Joliet, IL. They delivered them to us at Chicago Heights where they were then taken to Yard Center and stored for a short period of time. Gradually, they were brought into Yard Center Diesel for evaluation. Some were repaired there while others were shipped dead to NLR as they needed major surgery.

They didn't last long in their Rock numbers or paint. They first had "The Rock" blanked out and were renumbered from their 4300 series into the 2200 and up series although I believe many of them didn't actually get renumbered until they were repainted. Several were assigned to Yard Center in 1982 after being repainted. They were pretty decent units once cleaned up and repaired. (Tuch)

Rock Island GP38-2 #4340 - was among several GP38-2 units acquired by the Missouri Pacific when Rock Island shut down in 1980. The RI #4340 became MoPac #2278. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo Collection

MP 2233
- on the North Leg of the Wye at Tower 55 in Ft. Worth, Texas, 1984 - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP 2244 - was built in September 1976 as CRI&P 4306. It was aquired after the Rock Island's bankruptcy, then repainted and renumbered as MP 2244. The 2244 is seen here working switching duties at San Fernando Yard in San Antonio, Texas in 1983. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

GP38-2 2252 - Ex-Rock Island, at Mount Vernon, IL April 1983. - "Tuch" Santucci Photo

MoPac GP38-2 #2296 - and a B30-7A have just uncoupled from a Circus Train in San Antonio in 1986. - Steve Rude Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

MP 2297
- at San Antonio Texas in 1991 - Steve Rude Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

GP38-2 2298 - at Mount Vernon, IL April 1983. Notice the “souping up” of oil on the car bodies. A common trait of EMD Roots Blower equipped engines that occurs when the units sit and idle for extended periods of time. - "Tuch" Santucci Photo

MP 2300
- this GP38-2 is a few months old as it works with 4 other 38's with a train on the Crystal City Sub in 1981 - Robert Pollard Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

MP 2305 - was built in February 1981. It is seen in San Antonio in 1988. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP 2310
- a GP38-2 leads a three-car MP Director's Special west of Boyd, Kansas in August, 1982 - Lee Berglund photo/T. Greuter collection ·

MP GP38-2 #2310 - in San Antonio, Texas in 1991. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP 2311 - Works switching duties at San Fernando yard in San Antonio in 1983. It passes by the old International Great Northern Depot. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MoPac GP38-2 2315 - in New Braunfels, Texas in April 1993. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo


  the GP38-2 - Alton & Southern

Alton & Southern GP38-2 #2000 - A&S 2000 was originally built 1/73 as MP 930, then renumbered as MP 2081 and finally as UP 2081 before going onto the A&S. The Alton & Southern was, and still is, a switching railroad in the St. Louis area once owned and operated by both MoPac and CN&W. After purchasing the road on May 9, 1968, the two roads painted the A&S engines with yellow hoods (after CN&W), blue cabs and frames (after MoPac), and a hybrid herald for the A&S on the cab. The A&S is still alive and well today, under the UP, and still uses the old hybrid paint scheme - Jay Glenewinkel Purchased Slide Collection

The Last Days of the Covered Wagons

As passenger service disappeared across the nation to be taken-over by Amtrak in the early '70's, MoPac's steamlined but aging F7's, F8's and their B-units found a new if less glamorous life as they began filling-out freight-hauling rosters.

Loco Renumberings

The first major renumber of the MoPac roster first took place in 1962 when the whole MoPac fleet was renumbered.  Numbering from three to four digits (in this case, 500 to 1850) started in 1974 when the locomotives were, for the most part, renumbered to group units of similar horsepower together, and the buzzsaw was replaced with the screaming eagle herald.  Changing T&P to MP reporting marks was more of a paperwork exercise.  The T&P sublettering lasted well into the 1970s on some locomotives, and some four-number geeps (e.g., 1850) had T&P sublettering.  The last units to carry sublettering were likely C&EI GP15s.  Most of this information comes from John Eagan's 1975-1976 Missouri Pacific Annual. (J. Michels

Featured Photographers:
Gary Morris, R. Sheehy, Glen Beans, J.C.T., JD Santucci, Richard Wilson, Paul De Luca, Jay Glenewinkel, Steve Rude, J.D. Santucci, Robert Pollard, Mike Bledslow Slides, George Elwood, Railblazer, collection of James E. Gilley, William W. Kratville, Ronald Estes, Chris John, and Lee Berglund

Missouri Pacific Diesel Power by Kevin EuDaly

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