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B-boats - B23-7, B30-7(A)
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B23-7, B30-7(A)MoPac Diesel Power - Second Generation 1970's-80's
the B-boats

As the recession of the late 1970's wore on, MoPac continued its purchases of new road power while most roads were made due with what they had. Missouri Pacific's departure from builder EMD to purchase the new B23-7 and later B30-7 model offerings from GE reflected the company's mindset to continue to stay ahead of the curve and not fall prey to complacency -- something that killed many roads before the dawn of the 1980's, itself a decade that reshaped the face of modern railroading as we know it.

Primed with Power - the 1970's-'80's

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  the B23-7

B23-7 GE 1/78 5/81 82 units

Locomotive builder GE made a triumphant return to Missouri Pacific rails with the introduction of the B23-7. MoPac bought 85 units between January 1978 and May 1981, including 3 'test' locos which had their power boosted, a precursor of the newer B30-7.

MoPac B23-7 #2293 - was built in January 1978. It was renumbered to MP #4604 when the new GP38-2s began arriving on the system. It wore MP yellow as MP 4604. It was renumbered to UP #104, where it remains in service today. - Photographer and Location unknown/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

MP B23-7 2296 - leads a Northbound freight through Cotulla, Texas in late March 1978. Two months later, the unit was involved in a wreck. MP2296 was rebuilt with an EMD cab and became MP 4607 and later UP 107. The B23-7, GE locomotive built in October 1978 was rated at 2,250 hp. - Robert Pollard Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

MP 2296 -
at Little Rock, Arkansas, a great example of a GE B-boat with an EMD replacement cab. Perhaps its also worth noting that there is a female engineer at the throttle. May 1979 - Photographer unknown/T. Greuter Collection

MP 2312
- B23-7 - Jay Glenewinkel Collection

MP B23-7 2316 - is serviced in San Antonio, Texas at Sosan Yard in 1979. The unit was renumbered to MP4627 and later to UP127. - Robert Pollard Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

B23-7 4622 - By now in it's second numbering series, is seen working as the yard switcher at Salem, IL with a pair of cabooses; April 1983. - © JD Santucci Photo

MP 4622 - Another view of the 4622 at Salem April 1983. - © JD Santucci Photo

MP 4622 - And still another view with the Salem yard office/depot in the view. - © JD Santucci photo

MP 4624 - is the lead unit on a southbound freight at North Loop siding in San Antonio in 1987 - Jay Glenewinkel Photo
MoPac 4630 - Jay Glenewinkel Collection

MP 4631
& 4661 - parked at Hoisington, Kansas on May, 1983. - Lee Berglund photo, T. Greuter collection

MP 4649 - Houston, TX, 10/22/83 - © Brian Paul Ehni photo, used with permission.

Mo-Pac B23-7 # 4651 - is fairly new in this August 1980 photo in Omaha, Nebraska. - Jerry Bosanek Photo/Jay Glenewinkel Collection

MP 4653 - beautiful shot of a string at Wichita, KS in September 1982 - James Gilley collection

MP 4661 - at Springfield, MO on January 4, 1981 - James Gilley collection

MP 4683 - is in San Antonio, Texas in 1987. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

  the B23-7 w/ boosted HP

B23-7 (Boosted) EMD 6/80 6/80 3 units

Three MoPac B23-7's, #4667-69, had their standard 2,250 horsepower boosted to 3,000 hp to test the high rating on a 12-cylinder engine. In 1981 the boosted engines tested over the system and the MoPac could boast of having the highest horsepower rating per cylinder achieved at the time.

With the new purchases, all of MoPac's B23-7's were renumbered into the 4600-series and the B30-7 was put into the 4800-series

MP 4669 - The B23-7 was one of three to have thier horsepower boosted. This MP diesel is sharing the load with UP and BN units behind. Houston, TX, 7/3/85 - © Brian Paul Ehni photo, used with permission.

Some spotting features -
The 3 'boosted' units had a taller exuast stack than the earlier B23-7's. The taller stack was also applied to the later B30-7As.
The MP's B-boats had six power assembly access panels along the long hood (as opposed to eight on the standard B30-7).

11/80 - EMD GP50 begins to join the Mopac system.


  the B30-7(A)

B30-7A GE 11/81 2/82 55 units

Between November 1981-February 1982 MoPac received 55 units of the 3,000 hp B30-7A diesels. The designation B30-7'A' came about for the fact the units had 12 cylinders instead of the standard 16 of the B30-7.

The B30-7 was basically an upgraded version of the B23-7 rated at 3,000 hp, but they represented another giant leap in MoPac's modernized fleet. They were numbered into the 4800-series. Nothing could imitate the billowing black clouds of the old steamers like the B-Boats. Often when accelerating after a rest a unit would send up a dense cloud from it's single exaust stack.

B30-7A #4821 - at Yard Center Diesel 1983. - J.D. Santucci Photo

MP 4838 - was built in 1982. It was renumbered to UP 238 in 1989. - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

MP 4843 - is the lead unit on a northbound MP freight in 1988 - Jay Glenewinkel Photo

Featured Photographers:
Glen Beans, Paul De Luca, Jay Glenewinkel, Steve Rude, J.D. Santucci, Bob Yanosey, Train Nutz, George Elwood, Railblazer, James E. Gilley collection, Elden Baker, Ronald Estes, Chris John, and Lee Berglund

Missouri Pacific Diesel Power by Kevin EuDaly

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