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T&P Structures in Cities A-C

T&P Structures in Cities A-C

Reminders of the T&P can still be found in...


Passenger Station, now the Abilene Visitors Center

Station Tower

Detail of Tower Sign

Historical Marker

Tunnel to steps up to passenger platform

Tiffany-style colored glass sign (2' x 5') in depot interior

Southeast View with a passing UP freight

R.E.A. Depot - Now Candies by Vletas

T&P Warehouse - Now housing several Abilene businesses

T&P sign on underpass in downtown Abilene

Bronze builder's plate from 1936 on street underpass

Argyle (Roanoke)
This section house, originally at Roanoke, has been moved a few miles north to Argyle.
Shane Murphy now owns this building, which houses his T&P/MKT model RR. Thanks, Shane, for sharing this photo.


Freight Dock

Nearby underpass with walkways, built in 1929

The Arlington depot was razed many years ago, but original blueprints for the station have been discovered, and a replica may be built in a nearby city park.


UPDATE! Restoration of the Baird depot is now underway - click here for more information.


Baird Station - Now the Baird Chamber of Commerce

West View - Note original roof line and inlaid brick diamond logo

South exposure of the depot, facing track

Historical Marker

An eastbound BNSF freight goes roaring past

Near-fullsize mural of a T&P 2-10-4 in downtown Baird


A&S depot

Ballinger was the southern terminus of the T&P subsidary Abilene & Southern. A small remnant of that line still switches industries on Abilene's south side

Big Spring

Big Spring was a crew change location and the division point between the Baird and Toyah subdivisions.

The T&P Federal Credit Union is across the street from the rail yard.

Just south of the yard is "Railroad Plaza", with a UP caboose (left) and this repainted T&P boxcar (below).

The T&P depot at Big Spring has been torn down, but this nice portrait of it hangs in the V.A. hospital.


This tiny community is in Palo Pinto County (MP 303.4). It's on FM 129, about a mile west of where the railroad crosses the Brazos River.

I love the varying shades of green covering the ridgeline.

This building is adjacent to RR property. I think it's an interesting structure - note the window bars, brick front and stone sides.

A few miles away, the former T&P main crosses U.S. Hwy. 281. The underpass is still labeled "T&P RWY."

Buffalo Gap
(Clyde depot)

The irony, of course, is that the T&P was SUPPOSED to go through Buffalo Gap in 1881, but Abilene's backers "stole" it away. Now at last, Buffalo Gap has a T&P station!

Clyde Depot, now in Buffalo Gap Historical Village

See more of this building on our museums page.

Another View

History of the Clyde Depot

Colorado City

Historical Marker

Freight Dock


This beautiful rock fence surrounds an historic home in Colorado City.

When the Colorado City depot was torn down, a previous owner of the home bought the rock to build this fence.

T&P Logo in Rock Fence

Thanks to the current homeowner for his kind permission to take these pictures.




Do you have photos of other T&P buildings still standing? Please e-mail us here.