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T&P Structures in Cities D-L

T&P Structures in Cities D-L

Reminders of the T&P can still be found in...


Union Station at twilight

Looking down from Reunion Tower to the tracks at Dallas Union Station - DART Light Rail is approaching on its tracks, TRE is waiting on its own. Amtrak's "Texas Eagle" uses the bottom set of tracks, belonging to UP.

The tracks heading left are UP's main to Fort Worth, formerly T&P. The center tracks are TRE, formerly RI. The tracks curving to the right are DART's "Light Rail" line, formerly T&P.

The Trinity Railway Express, as seen from the "Eagle."

Dealy Plaza as seen from the infamous "Triple Overpass" - I was riding the "Texas Eagle" when I took this.

The TRE also operates some nice Budd RDC equipment.

Historical marker at Dallas Union Station

Union Station has signs showing the trains that used to stop there, including this one.

What a great find! This T&P billboard is in the "Deep Ellum" area, just SE of downtown Dallas - 2528 Elm Street.

This graffitti-covered underpass used to cross Good-Lattimer Blvd., just east of downtown. Note the "T&P" sign above the street.

The underpass was torn out in 2006, but a section was preserved for the new DART station in Deep Ellum, now under construction.


This underpass crosses US 277, just south of I-35E in Denton.

"Texas & Pacific" is written in large block letters, barely visible in this photo.

Ft. Worth

The T&P Station is an Art Deco palace. It is currently in use as the western terminus of the Trinity Railway Express.


T&P Station - East View

T&P Station - North view

Southeast corner of the station




A major renovation and expansion project was completed in late 2006, converting the station into luxury condo. I will be adding photos soon.

Historical Marker

Main Lobby

Ceiling detail

T&P Logo on door

* - Some photos courtesy Amanda Mather. Used by permission. (Thanks, Amanda!)

Where can I get a rug like this?

Some of the station's massive back-to-back pews

The lunch counter*


"This Way to Trains"

Tower 55*

Amtrak's Texas Eagle arriving in Fort Worth

A passing UP freight*

As you can see from these photos, Tower 55, which was once regarded as the prime trainwatching spot in all of North Texas, is now closed and completed covered by freeway overpasses, which were under construction when these pictures were taken. If you want to see what it was like when it was still operating, I highly recommend Pentrex Video's Tower 55. Click here to visit Texas Interlocking Railroad Towers.


This tiny community is in SW Palo Pinto County.

This cistern (right) sits adjacent to the tracks here.

Its close proximity to the tracks makes me think it may have been used as a water tank for steam engines.


Loraine is on I-20 between Sweetwater and Colorado City.

A few of T&P's steel water tanks are still standing in West Texas. This one is south of I-20 at Mile Marker 223.

Where the Loraine exit (#224) crosses under the tracks, this 1929-vintage underpass still carries faded advertising for T&P passenger trains.

"Ride the Texan to St. Louis & New Orleans"

"Ride the Sunshine Special to California"


Do you have photos of other T&P buildings still standing? Please e-mail us here.