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T&P Structures in Cities M-Z

T&P Structures in Cities M-Z

Reminders of the T&P can still be found in...


The T&P station at Marshall is now the T&P Museum, as well as still in use as an Amtrak station.

Here's where the old T&P main crosses US 59 - note the T&P RWY sign at left


These photos, courtesy Amanda Mather

For more about the Marshall depot and the museum there, see our Museums page. For more about the museum's efforts to restore T&P #400 (2nd), see our Equipment page.


The station from Mingus, in Palo Pinto County, has been moved a few miles southeast to Thurber, on I-20, exit 367.

The station is vacant and is used only as a giant billboard advertising an adjacent restaurant.

Thurber was the site of the Texas & Pacific Coal Company, which was NOT owned by the railroad, but which did sell the RR the coal it used until oil was discovered in nearby Ranger.

The building is on the north side of I-20, near the site of the old ghost town. A nice museum is on the south side of the interstate.


These pictures were made near Putnam, in eastern Callahan County.

This isn't a T&P picture, but it IS on the former T&P main, I like bluebonnets, and it's my website, so there you go.

There are still numerous old T&P-era bridges and culverts in this part of the state.



The Ranger Depot, now housing the "Roaring Ranger" museum.

West View - Son Travis was hoping for a UP freight to come through.

Southwest View


Here are Tom & Eunice Roberts in front of the Scottsville depot, ca. 1947. Read more about them from their granddaughter (and frequent contributor to this site) Amanda Roberts Mathers.

Amanda reports that the Scottsville depot has been moved and restored, and is now on private property near Hwy. 43, in Henderson, Texas, about 50 miles from its original location.

Thanks, Amanda, for the pictures and information.


Strawn is in extreme SW Palo Pinto County.

The Strawn depot has been moved a few blocks away from the tracks, SW of its original location.

These two MoPac MOW cars are parked in Strawn on a siding that was cut off from the mainline when the siding was paved over. Oops.

Just west of Strawn at Milepost 329.1, I found this signal. It may not date back to T&P days, but it's been there a while.

This UP stack train, led by unit 9038, came by while I was there, with roaring engines and zinging flanges, heading up steep Ranger Hill.



There's not much of the T&P left in Sweetwater - Just this historical marker...

...and this REA freight building with a collapsing ceiling.



Terrell is east of Dallas on Hwy. 80

Thanks to Brian Garner for this picture of the T&P Freight House.


Throckmorton is in West Central Texas. It was once the northern terminus of the Cisco & Northeastern, a T&P subsidiary.

The old C&N depot is now houses the local library. Photo courtesy Brian Garner.


Trent is between Abilene and Sweetwater. The depot has been moved and is now in use as the high school ag building.


This beautiful tan brick station was still standing in Weatherford when I was last there (2006). It has been home to several businesses since it was closed, but seems vacant at this time.

Street view


Trackside view

Wills Point

Wills Point is in NE Texas, east of Terrell.

Thanks to Brian Garner for sharing these pictures.


The town of Winters is located between Abilene and Ballinger, and was once served by the T&P subsidiary line, the Abilene & Southern.

Rock hotel

Near the hotel sits this MoPac caboose, behind a museum of the town


Do you have photos of other T&P buildings still standing? Please e-mail us here.