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Tube Professionals' RUmour NEtwork

(with grateful apologies to the Pilots Prune)

An unofficial web site for professional railway people working for London Underground and for those interested in the London Underground railway system.  Information provided here is also useful for those interested in other metros and subway systems. Contact Tubeprune here.

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What is the Underground?

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SATS and Bats

Train Operator's Notebook

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A Driver's Day

SSL Upgrade Plans

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Tubeprune Home Page

This is the Tubeprune home page.  The Tubeprune site was first opened in January 2001.  On the left is a list of quick links to the pages on this site. 

Photography on London Underground:

If you want to take photos of London Underground, no special authorisation is required in public access locations.   Do not use flash when photographing trains or stations.  Do not locate yourself in a place of risk. 

If you have any good photos you would like to see shown on this site, please forward them to Tubeprune.  Suitable pictures will be posted to site with a commentary and acknowledgement.

The Underground Logo

This (above) is the famous logo used by London Underground.  It is known as the roundel.  It is their trademark and is registered for their use only.  It was derived from the logo used by the London General Omnibus Company in the early 20th century when the red circle was a wooden spoked wheel and the blue bar was the word GENERAL.  A book about the logo has recently been published by Capital Transport Publishing called A Logo for London, ISBN 185414 232 1.

There is an on-line history of the roundel here:

The legal bit,  please note:

All the information presented on this site is verified for accuracy as far as is reasonably practicable and offered in good faith for the interest and information of visitors.  Opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and contributors and do not represent the views of other individuals, London Underground Limited or its suppliers unless specifically stated.  The author(s) cannot accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience in whatever form caused by errors or inaccuracies contained herein, nor for any conclusions drawn therefrom.  The author(s) retain copyright.   This is not a commercial website.


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