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        I have made this page in an effort to combat the ever growing hoards of junk e-mail I get every day. Unfortunately many companies and individuals feel it is ok to inundate me with a bunch of crap I really don't want. The call it freedom of speech, I call it invasion of privacy! Anyhow, one of the ways they get e-mail addresses is they search websites and use small programs to automatically download your address from the clickable e-mail links. In an effort to combat this, my e-mail is no longer clickable. You must now cut and paste it into your e-mail program and you MUST remove the "TAKE-THIS-OUT" phrase from the address for it to work. Also please use some sort of relevant subject line, which will help ensure you aren't accidentally deleted when I review the incoming mail. Funny I had 2 junk e-mails arrive while typing this page. It has gotten to be too much!! Try this link to learn more. Junkbusters!

        Remember to remove the TAKE THIS OUT phrase (the blue part of the otherwise red address below) from the address for it to work. When complete, there should be no spaces or capitals anywhere in the address.

My main E-mail: brettrw  TAKE-THIS-OUT


PS I am horrible at responding, not saying I won't, but yikes I am not good with it. Just sayin'...