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This is a relatively straight forward area from the point of view of operating a train.

It does offer several reversing moves, and has a bay platform. Trains can be reversed from east to west via either the bay road or by reversing from what is normally the eastbound platform.

Similarly trains can reverse west to east by means of a shunt move from the westbound line, between Plaistow and West Ham

But the station is quite interesting architecturally and contrasts completely with its neighbour, West Ham.

The more traditional design of many of the line's east end stations is clearly visible and even the roof supports still have the old stylised railway initials of 'LTSR' - the London, Tilbury and Southend Railway, the long time predecessor of the current C2C service.

The end of the bay road platform can just be identified in left centre of this picture.

Looking towards West Ham it is just possible to make out the pointwork that allows access to and from the westbound line, both to the eastbound platform and to the bay road.

At one time Plaistow had sidings attached to it; these occupied the land to the right of the picture where cars can be seen parked the other side of the cable run. This site is today occupied by Dagenham Motors. The site is roughly triangular in shape, and narrows towards West Ham.  As you travel west it is still just possible to make out the line of the long removed tracks into the area.


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