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Stock Enhancements


Update added 29 September 2004

C Stock Enhancements

As I reported here, the C Stock fleet is currently undergoing a programme of enhancements, one of which is the installation of LED taillights. 

The decision has also been taken to remove the existing stabling lights, as they are no longer required, as the new equipment has a vastly increased service life and draws less current that the existing arrangement.

The following photos have been provided by Solidbond illustrating both the new exterior arrangement and the resulting removal of the MCB (switch) which has controlled the stabling light from the cab.

The revised set up of the C Stock tail lights - the stabling light has been removed and the blanking plate installed in its place is clearly visible. The new LED tail light can be seen though, as it is not lit, it appears white.  It is most certainly red when illuminated as can be seen in the next image!

As can be seen here, when lit the light intensity is much improved from the old arrangement

This illustrates well that, even in a bright environment, the new lights are a great improvement

The revised MCB panel with the stabling light MCB removed and blanked off. Note the label applied reminding of the correct procedure following this modification.


Update added 30 September 2004

D Stock Enhancements

Again, on the topic of tail lights, the D Stock fleet is also to receive LED tail lights.

I thought that I had previously included these pictures on this site, again supplied by Solidbond, but cannot now find where I included them - possibly they became lost whilst I was experiencing PC problems!

The reasons for the installation of these lights is identical to their fitment to the C Stock - improved serviceability and the amount of current drawn by them.

D Stock LED Tail Light Unit

D Stock Light Cluster - the conventional stabling light is to the left, the Head Light is in the centre and the new LED Tail Light to the right.

The full view of the cab end with the tail lights illuminated.

Two units have been modified to date, so far as I am aware - 7080 and 7043.  Both these units had previously been fitted with alternative brake equipment, but this has now been removed and the normal Westcode digital equipment reinstated.  The new tail lights were installed whilst these two units were undergoing this brake conversion.

To date the conventional stabling lights remain in place and, given that they are in integral part of the unit, I suspect that this will remain so, unlike the C Stock's separate light as shown above. It may be that the stabling light will be isolated and its related MCB removed - I will update this item should that prove to be the case in the future.


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