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Canadian Pacific Railway

Smiths Falls Division

map Railways of Ottawa 1965

2811 with Third Class symbol freight 911 due to depart Smiths Falls yard 12:45 p.m.
for Chalk River Subdivision destined to Sault Ste.Marie. July 19,1958 Smiths Falls
Robert F. Collins/James A.Brown Collection

Smiths Falls Yard 1958


One-of-a-kind MLW M-636 4711 3600 HP MLW M6031-12 3/25/1970
Re-engined 2-5/1988 with a 3200 HP Caterpillar engine Peaker Services Inc. Brighton, MI .

4711 leads 4572, two more MLW's plus ex QNS&L SD40
westbound Smiths Falls. 10/23/1991 Donald Albertson

Retired and sold 7/16/1998 Minnesota Commercial 71.

Back again two days later with some of the same power!

......... and a crew change of course.

There was another train of interest to the photographer on the 23rd.
5553-5558 eastbound with a train of multilevels.

8733_4465 with 911 leaving "the Falls" for Chalk River and beyond with
one car of beer on the head end for Pembroke! May 1973.

Smiths Falls aerial view 2014
September 7, 2014 Grant Bailey

Smiths Falls Roundhouse
Locomotive Gallery

Smiths Falls Stations

Smiths Falls Division Stations
Not including Smiths Falls proper.

Prescott Subdivision
Ottawa West to Prescott

Brockville Subdivision
Smiths Falls to Brockville

Cornwall Subdivision
Soulanges to Cornwall

4069_4070_1432_RS-10 St.Luc July 21, 1974. Unidentified RS-10 is for the Cornwall Swing.

On Sundays, we’d deadhead 3 commuter units backwards for him to set off at Vaudreuil for the eastbound commuter trains on Monday morning. We had them lifted eastbound by #58 on Friday and St. Luc would use them locally until Sunday’s #55. And often the Friday units were scattered all over the place, and 3 different units would go out on Sunday. LBC

Winchester Subdivision

Deeks Mileage 109.5

Grenville Crushed Rock





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