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Riverview & Twin Lakes Railroad 15 gauge 3 scale
Riverview & Twin Lakes Railroad

A 15" gauge 3"=1' scale layout with over 5300's of track
located near Riverton Wyoming.

Links for additional information about the Riverview & Twin Lakes Railroad:

 LAYOUT plan of current and future construction.
 TRACK CONSTRUCTION METHOD to see how to lay 15" track for $2.75/foot.
 TRACK CONSTRUCTION STATUS  to see how the construction of track and bridges is progressing.
 RAIL DESIGN AND FABRICATION for information on how to build the $0.99/foot(in 2002 $) 8# steel rail, joints and frogless turnouts. 

FOUNDRY CASTING GREY IRON AND BRONZE with information on cupola construction, patterns and castings.

  LOCOMOTIVE and ROLLING STOCK  CONSTRUCTION for information and build status.

 Hopper car 3D drawings and construction photos and information

 SHAY LOCO PHOTOS AND CAD DRAWINGS Information on the 3" scale 15" gauge of the 80 ton Shay I am working on.

See Shay engine RUN!! see animation of 3D CAD engine run. (500K bytes)

 A simple steam whistle you can build using simple hand tools and copper tubing and fittings from the hardware store, drawings and photos included.

 PHOTO GALLERY to view more images of the layout, construction, and projects.

Wyoming News  Cheyenne paper's story by Ty Stockton about the ralroad and the surroundings.

Click on engine  to see it run
(500K bytes)

Image of track and 56' bridge
Track and 56' trestle bridge (s

Note:much more to come including Photos, layout, foundry, loco construction design, track and construction details. (created:7/18/2002) last updated 3/21/2006


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Foot Note s) layout dimenstions are stated in scale feet, 3":foot scale.
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