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Silver San Juan - The San Juan Southern RR

Humble beginnings.
Humble beginnings.
Humble beginnings.
Long view.
Worm's eye view of tunnel.
Access panels removed.
Rock details at trestle.
Birdseye view.
More trees.
So what starts out as a "fantasy" in your head and moves to a sheet of paper ... to a 3-D scale model ... to "rough" bench work and stacks of foam, paper and cardboard ... finally begins to emerge as a small but operational and believable replica of your favorite railroad "somewhere in time".  Well friends, there is still much work to do. Detailing and electrical work. Building and painting structures and rolling stock to "complete" the San Juan Southern RR.  Of course it's supposed to take time. It's a hobby! It's also playing with toy trains, but we won't "go there"!

Next we talk a little about the electrical and control aspects of the SJSRR.
Gradually the scenery takes shape by adding plaster rocks (WS molds and hand-carved cliffs) and layers of texture and color.  Did I mention Dave Frary's great book on model railroad scenery?  These photos show some of the transition from the previous page of "tan" hills to the more appealing, I hope, landscape with trees, rocks, river beds (to be filled with "water" at some point), grass and ballasted roadbed.
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