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Silver San Juan - The San Juan Southern RR

The scale model was very useful in visualizing the layout in 3-D. A number of problems became apparent when the plan was converted to 3-D and were resolved before any bench work was started.  I referred to the model all through the layout project and would modify it when the actual plan needed changing.  Very few changes were required (mostly grades) and the 3-D scale model proved to be a valuable planning tool.  Some of the "cookie cutter" sub roadbed can be seen in the two photos to the right.
The model really helps.
The San Juan Southern RR construction began with a 3-D scale model of the layout.  Actually it began with a track plan designed with the free Atlas Right Track software. The the track plan was printed in 1" = 1' scale and glued to card stock and the model was built, ala Dave Frary in his very useful book on MRR scenery.

Cookie cutter.
Building the San Juan Southern Railroad
Get it right on paper. - The Wright Bros.
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