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Silver San Juan - The San Juan Southern RR

This works fine and looks better.
The original grade was eliminated.
A handy control drawer.
You can see in the photo to the right that the bridges have not been installed yet.  But most of  the track is in place and the trains can be run for fun and to make sure that the track work is smooth.  You can also see the area where the high trestle will be installed.  At this point the track is supported by a couple of thick blocks of white beaded (Yuck!) foam.  Photos on the next page will show how the trestle was installed.  Also shown are the temporary panels and Atlas Control Boxes for the hidden switches at the back of the layout.
A drawer for equipment (or several drawers) is very handy early in construction for storing the DCC equipment when the layout is not being used.  As progress is made in building the foam "superstructure" you can lay the cork roadbed and track and run some trains.  These small bridges were "cut in" after all of the track had been in place for some time. They are glued to the bottom of the tie strips and supported with foam or "stone" retaining walls at each end. 
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