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Silver San Juan - The San Juan Southern RR

Plan with reversing loops.
Actually I am still using one unit, the MRC, to control all of the reversing loops.  This is working fine for now but I need to install separate A/R units in case "traffic" gets heavy on the RR.
Maybe it's high time for a basic track plan diagram.  Here's a plan showing the reversing loops: The Upper loop on the right, the Lower loop near the middle and the Turntable loop on the left.  These loops are controled by DCC auto-reversing units and are "transparent" to anyone running trains.  A/R units from MRC and Digitrax cost about $25 and are worth every penny.  I use both brands and I think that the MRC A/R unit is the easiest to install.  The Digitrax unit can be adjusted for sensitivity and looks more sofisticated.
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