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Silver San Juan - The San Juan Southern RR

Mine and sawmill area.
More T-pins.
This grade proved to be too steep!
In the photos in the middle and on the right the cork roadbed and the track has been carefully fitted and glued in place.  As mentioned before  Elmer's white glue is very good for gluing the cork to foam and also for attaching the track to the roadbed.  Use plenty of "T" pins and foam scraps to hold things in place while the glue dries.  You can see some white foam in all of these photos but I recommend that you use only the blue or pink extruded Styrofoam. The white beaded foam makes pretty good coffee cups but is not a good MRR material in my opinion. Words to the wise.  You can also see where "access" openings were left in the risers.  This will make repairs and modifications easier later.
Here's a photo of the cookie cutter layer supported by blue foam "risers".  The risers are cut using a utility knife. They can be cut in one long section and then cut into smaller lengths for easier handling. In the photo on the left the track has been placed on the sub roadbed temporarily and the center line marked with dots so that the cork roadbed can be put down and glued with Elmer's white glue.
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