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Silver San Juan - The San Juan Southern RR

Finishing Up
Testing the trestle.
All bents in place and the track is drying.
On the right you can see that the trestle structure is finished and in service with a short mixed train trying it out.  The trestle will be spray painted and later details like ladders and fire barrels will be added.  The trestle at this stage is very rigid and strong.  With all of the cross bracing and horizontal bracing the structure is not the least bit rickety or flexible.  It's "solid as a rock". A plastic rock to be sure but very solid. This was a pleasant surprise.

Here you can also see some other layout construction details including an access hole and one of the DCC connectors on the edge of the bench work.
Here we see all of the bents finally fit and temporally in place.  You can see that the bents don't have all of the cross members yet, but all of the "foundations" are cut and will be laid aside while the bent assemblies are finished.  Then all of the bents are placed permanently and the horizontal bracing is added and glued in place.
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