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Steam Locomotion in the 21st Century

The Recent History of Steam Locomotive Development



Update 16 May 2022

Added a link to another book search site to the Booksellers page.

17 February 2022

Added a story on the Main Line Steam Builders Group to the News page.

16 February 2022

Added a link to the White Papers section at the Coalition for Sustainable Rail (CSR) site to the Resources page.

15 February 2022

Added 3 links and made minor edits to the Steam Information Links page. Made minor edits to the Steam Videos page.

13 February 2022

Removed a couple of dead links from the Background page. Updated the Steam vs. Diesel page format and made minor content additions. Updated the Sitemap to include a link to the Steam vs. Diesel page.

12 February 2022

Minor updates to the ACE 3000 page and several sub-pages. Added a new link where prints of the painting "Hi-Tech Steam", featuring the proposed ACE 3000 and former C&O 614, can still be purchased. Updated the Sitemap to include ACE 3000 sub-pages.

11 February 2022

Updated the Sitemap. Added a listing to the Steam Locomotive Repair Links Page. Updated an entry on the List of Steam Improvements of the Last 50 Years.

9 February 2022

Added the current status of two Porta-modified locomotives, no. 1816 in Cuba and no. 286 in Paraguay, and updated the bottom notes on the List of Steam Improvements of the Last 50 years.

8 February 2022

Updated the DLM page to revise some of the old SLM information, update information on DLM, and add a photo and description of the advanced Sonvico/DLM light oil combustion system used on the new-build rack steam locomotives and applied to one locomotive on the Puffing Billy Railway in Australia. Minor revisions to the List of Steam Improvements of the Last 50 Years. Updated the page on the RFIRT 2-10-2's, revising the status of the remaining locomotives according to the latest info I have found.

7 February 2022

Uploaded PDFs for the Steam Patents page so that they can be directly accessed from this site. Added a link to John Rhodes' technical paper "The Economics of Coal as a Fuel on US Class I Railroads" to the Resources page. Added one locomotive to the List of Steam Improvements of the Last 50 Years and updated numerous sub-pages with minor details and new formatting. Updated the News Archive page to remove broken page links.

5 February 2022

Added Sam Mackwell to the page on other steam designers. Revised one entry and added one locomotive to the List of Steam Improvements of the Last 50 Years. Added Sam Mackwell's proposed 2-6-0 to the List of Proposed Locomotives.

4 February 2022

Continuing to make minor revisions to the pages, including the header at the top of each page and a new color scheme. Fixing or removing broken links where I find them and making minor updates/corrections where needed. Added link to Shaun McMahon's obituary at the Advanced Steam Traction Trust.

3 February 2022

Updating the heading and color scheme on each page; it may take a few tries. Terrible news yesterday that Shaun McMahon, a long-time advanced steam proponent, contributor to this page, and friend had passed away unexpectedly. I will be doing an update according in the near future.

2 February 2022

Completely revised the drop down menus on the home page; deleted some now-redundant pages, and updated others. Hopefully this page is becoming a little easier to navigate.

1 February 2022

Updated links on the Resources page and added some new ones. Revised the Exhaust Drawings page for better legibility and added additional systems and information. Updated the Exhaust Systems Page. Updated the menu on the first page with drop-down selections to simplify navigation.

31 January 2022

Heavily revised the front page; hopefully this is a little less cluttered and easier to navigate. My host for many years, has graciously provided me with free space to host this page, but holy crap do they put a lot of junk on the page!

Added two entries to the List of Steam Improvements of the Last 50 Years Deleted older entries from this page to tidy things up a bit. Added the "Revolution" locomotive to the List of Proposed Steam Locomotives. Updated several broken links on the Steam Videos page and added a few new ones.

28 January 2022

Updated the entries on several locomotives on the List of Steam Improvements of the Last 50 Years.

Minor edits made to nearly every page on the site.

27 January 2022

Added two locomotives, both on the Puffing Billy Railway in Australia, to the List of Steam Improvements of the Last 50 Years

26 January 2022

Starting to do some overdue cleanup of the site. Firstly, I changed the name of this page. Updated the Steam Repair Links page, the Steam Information Links page (many links deleted; remaining links pertain to only advanced steam or other unusuual steam locomotives and technical information), and deleted the non-steam links page. (Hey, this is a steam locomotive site, right?) Minor updates to some other pages.

25 January 2022

Wow, it's been 3 years to the day since I've updated the page. This was mainly caused by FTP software which stopped working some time ago, a problem I rectified this week. This update includes some minor cleanup on the front page and updated links on the Patents page as google no longer hosts patents. Hopefully more updates will be forthcoming.

25 January 2019

Somehow, I'd failed to add Lyn, a new-construction modern 2-6-2T for the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, to the List of Steam Improvements of the Last 40 Years


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