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RR Depots
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  Railroads often had "standard designs" for their depots, but even then, designs varied widely from location to location. The following depots offer a variety of architectures...     [Note: all newly added stations (w/ signal: stop) will be on this 1st page; later moved to another page with an attempt to group by RR]
Lincoln, NE
     signal: stop This is the former CB&Q's  "Lincoln Station" at Lincoln, NE, built in 1927.  Today it's part of Lincoln's Historic Haymarket District.  5/06/16 photo.
Ohmaha, NE
     signal: stop This is the former "Burlington Station"  built in Omaha, NE, by the CB&Q in 1898 and extensively renovated in 1930.  Since 2015 it's  KETV's broadcast and web media facility.  5/07/16 photo.
Ohmaha, NE
  signal: stop This is the "Union Passenger Terminal" at Omaha, NE, 5/07/16. This current structure was built in 1931 by the Union Pacific,  and today houses the Durham Museum.
Tucson, AZ
  signal: stop This ex-Southern Pacific Depot at Tucson, AZ, 4/27/16, was built in 1907.  Today it's a stop on Amtrak's Sunset Limited; but primary usage is for commercial businesses.
Weyerhaeuser, WI
     signal: stop This is the former SOO LINE depot in Weyerhauser, WI. Built in 1909, it sat in deterioration, until moved and finishing renovation in this 8/06/16 photo.
Phoenix, AZ
signal: stop Phoenix, AZ, "Union Station of the Southern Pacific and Santa Fe Railroads", 4/26/16.  Built in 1923, it saw it's last Amtrak passenger train in 1995. It is now owned by Sprint.
Sallisaw, OK
signal: stop Ex-UP depot at Sallisaw, OK, 4/17/16. Built by MoPac, it's now the Stanley Tubbs Memorial Library.
Minneapolis, MN
signal: stop Ex-MILW depot in Minneapols, MN, 9/06/116. Built in 1899 by the Milwaukee Road, it saw it's last passenger train in 1971.  After sitting vacant for 20+ years, it was refurbished as a hotel in the early 2000's.
Brookings, SD
     signal: stop This is the former CNW depot at Brookings, SD.  It houses commercial offices in this 5/08/16 photo.
New Ulm MN
signal: stop The former CNW depot in New Ulm, MN is now used by maintennce crews in this 5/08/16 photo.  It was built in 1895.
Sleepy Eye, MN
signal: stop The former CNW depot in Sleepy Eye, MN is a museum in this 5/08/16 photo.
Rice Lake, WI
signal: stop The former CNW depot at Rice Lake, WI is a commercial business in this 10/21/16 photo.  It was built in 1909 and the right-of-way is now the Wild Rivers State Trail.
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