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RR Depots
Down by the Station...
Lacrosse, WI
Former MILW depot at Lacrosse, WI, built in 1926, is a stop on Amtrak's Empire Builder. The facility also serves as a bus depot and the freight end is the home to commercial business. 10/26/05 photo.
Rockwell City, IA
  Ex-Milwaukee Road depot at Rockwell City, IA, is now a museum.  04/15/06 photo.

Austin, MN
  Former Milwaukee Road depot at Austin, MN.  Typical of mid-50's architecture, it's now home to the local Minnesota Drivers License Bureau.  2/22/05 photo.
Newport, WA
  This is the former Milwauke Road depot at Newport, WA, 8/20/08. The foreground tracks are Pend Oreille Valley Railroad's and the depot  houses a contruction company.
Winona, MN
Ex-Milwaukee Road depot at Winona, MN, 9/28/00, has a unique style and character. It was built in 1899. Amtrak's Empire Builder make two stops here each day and it is also used by CP Rail crews.
Rushford, MN
The former Milwaukee Road depot in Rushford, MN, saw its last train in 1978. Built in 1867, the structure now serves as a museum and rest stop on the Root River Bike Trail system in SE Minnesota. The 2nd story of depots like this was often the home of the station agent.  1/03/04 photo.
Red Wing, MN
Red Wing, MN's, Ex-Milwaukee Road depot also has a unique style and elegance. Built in 1905, it houses the Chamber of Commerce and also is the Empire Builder stop. The setting sun highlights the brick/stone architecture!
Ontonagon, MI
  This is the Escanaba & Lake Superior (ELS) depot at Ontonagon, MI, 7/30/09. It was built in 1896 by the Milwaukee Road (MILW). ELS's only customer in Ontonagon, Smurfit-Stone Container, closed operations in Sept. '09 and ELS subsequently filed to abandon the line.
Grafton, IA
  Ex-Milwaukee Road depot at Grafton, IA, is now  a museum.  05/04/06 photo.
Mitchell, SD
  Former Milwaukee Road depot at Mitchell, SD.  It is now a Pub & Grill in this 8/10/09 photo.
Deer Lodge, MT
The former Milwaukee Road depot at Deer Lodge, MT, 8/11/09, is now a church.
Albert Lea, MN
The ex-MILW depot at Albert Lea, MN , 7/07/10, now houses commercial businesses.
Minneapolis, MN
  Ex-MILW depot in Minneapols, MN, 9/06/116. Built in 1899 by the Milwaukee Road, it saw it's last passenger train in 1971.  After sitting vacant for 20+ years, it was refurbished as a hotel in the early 2000's.
Yankton, SD
   This is the depot at Yankton, SD, 5/08/15.  It was built by the Milwaukee Road in 1905 and now houses a commercial business.  The track is now BNSF.
Canton, NE
Ex-Milwaukee Road depot at Canton, SD 5/14/17. Built in 1907, it's currently being refurbished for civic use.
Wells, MN
  Ex-Milwaukee Road depot at Wells, MN. Built in 1903,  it was used by ICE until 2005.  The Wells Historical Society aquired it in 2010 and it's a museum in this 10/12/17 photo.
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