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RR Depots
Down by the Station...
Flagstaff, AZ
Former Santa Fe depot at Flagstaff, AZ, 5/05/09.  Built in 1926, it's now Flagstaff's visitor's center and a stop on Amtrak's Southwestern Chief.
Stratford, TX
  Ex-Santa Fe (ATSF) depot at Stratford, TX, 4/16/13.  The small building in the foreground is a switchman's shanty.  Today the depot facility is a museum.
San Diego, CA
This magnificent depot is the former Santa Fe depot at San Diego, CA, built in 1915. In this 4/29/08 photo, it is the hub of San Diego's public transportation system, serving Amtrak's "Surfliner", San Diego Northern Railway's "Coaster", along with many San Diego Trolley trains.
Grand Canyon, AZ
     The Grand Canyon, AZ, depot was built by ATSF in 1909-10 at the canyon's South Rim.  It used  by the Grand Canyon Railway in this 4/25/13 photo.
Las Vegas, NM
    This is the ex-ATSF depot at Las Vegas, NM, 4/22/11.   It was built in 1878 and is now a stop on Amtrak's SW Chief.  In the distant background is a Harvey House, only the bar is currently in use.
Canon City, CO
   This is the Cañon City and Royal Gorge depot at Cañon City, CO, 5/07/09.  Although the architecture is DRGW, it was built by the Santa Fe.
Williams, AZ
   This is the Grand Canyon Railway depot at Williams, AZ, 5/05/09.  Built  in the early 20th century by the Santa Fe.

Carlsbad, CA
This beauty is the ex-Santa Fe depot at Carlsbad, CA.  Built in 1887,  it now houses  the local Tourist Bureau.  Amtrak and Coaster trains use an adjacent platform. 4/30/08 photo.
Panhandle, TX
   The ex-ATSF depot at Panhandle, TX, 5/06/11, is used by BNSF today.
Anthony, KS The ex-ATSF depot at Anthony, KS, 5/06/11,  is now a museum.
Hemet, CA
   This is the former Santa Fe depot at Hemet, CA,  built in 1914.  It's a coffee shop in this 4/18/09 photo.
Wickenburg, AZ
      This is the former ATSF depot at Wickenburg, AZ, 4/24/13.  Today it's a museum.
  This is the ex-Santa Fe depot at Atchison, KS, 4/15/13.  Today it is Visitors Center & Museum.
Vaughn, NM
   The ex-ATSF depot at Vaughn, NM, 5/05/11.  It is still in use by BNSF .
Waynoka, OK
This is the ex-ATSF depot at Waynoka, OK,  5/06/11, was built in 1910   In the distant left is a Harvey House, which is now a museum.
Rocky Ford, CO
  This is the ex-ATSF at Rocky Ford, CO, 5/05/16.  Today it's home of the chamber of commerce.
Manzanola, CO
     This is the former ATSF depot at Manzanola, CO, built in 1913.  It's their City Hall in this 5/06/16 photo. [Note: this, Fowler, Harper, and Holly are identical designs.]
Fowler, CO
     This is the ex-ATSF at Fowler, CO.  Built in 1913, it's the Town Hall in this 5/06/16 photo.
Harper, KS
    The ex-ATSF depot at Harper, KS, 5/06/11.  
Holly, CO
Former ATSF depot at Holly, CO, 4/21/11, dates to 1912, and was the 1st ATSF depot in Colorado.  Today it's the Town Hall.
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