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RR Depots
Down by the Station...
Demming, NM
Former Southern Pacific - Santa Fe union depot at Demming, NM. 5/09/02. Currently a stop on Amtrak's Sunset Limited in this 5/09/02 photo.  The depot was moved about a mile SE of this location in 2006 and now in civic use.

Safford, AZ
The former Southern Pacific depot at Safford, AZ,  sat abandoned for many years, but appeared to be undergoing a restoration project in this 4/24/08 photo.
Globe, AZ
   This is the ex-Southern Pacific depot at Globe, AZ, 4/23/09.  Built  in 1915, it served SP until the 1950's.  It was a laundomat for many years, but is in the process of being restored to a museum; with lobby work already completed.
Tucson, AZ
  This ex-Southern Pacific Depot at Tucson, AZ, 4/27/16, was built in 1907.  Today it's a stop on Amtrak's Sunset Limited; but primary usage is for commercial businesses.
Phoenix, AZPhoenix, AZ, "Union Station of the Southern Pacific and Santa Fe Railroads", 4/26/16.  Built in 1923, it saw it's last Amtrak passenger train in 1995. It is now owned by Sprint.
Colorado Springs, CO
   This is the ex-Devner, Rio Grand, & Western  depot at Colorado Springs, CO, 5/08/09. Built in 1871, it is now a restaurant .
Alamosa, CO
This historic depot in Alamosa, CO, is home to the local Camber of Commmerce in this
 4/22/09 photo.
Fostoria, OH
CSXT depot at Fostoria, OH. Curently a stop on Amtrak's Three Rivers in this 9/15/02 photo.
Alamosa, CO
This ex-Denver & Rio Grande depot in Alamosa, CO, dates to 1908-09. It houses the  Colorado Welcome Center at Alamosa in this
 4/22/09 photo.
Walsenburg, CO
   This is the Walsenburg, CO, depot; 5/04/16 photo.  It served the Denver & Rio Grande Western and the Union Pacific railroads.  It now houses the Huerfano County Welcome Center & Chamber of Commerce.

Abilene, TX
The former Texas & Pacific RR depot at Abilene, TX, now service as a vistor's center and Chamber of Commerce offices.   4/21/04 photo.

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