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RR Depots
Down by the Station...
Mountainair, NM
Ex-Santa Fe (now BNSF) depot at Mountainair, NM, 4/6/05. Built in 1908, it now serves as a maintenance crew facility today.
Melrose, NM
Ex-Santa Fe (now BNSF) depot at Melrose, NM, 4/6/05. Serves as a maintenance crew facility today.
Raton, NM
Ex-Santa Fe depot at Raton, NM, 4/18/06. Built in 1906, today it serves as the Amtrak station and BNSF crew facility.
Lamar, CO
   This is the former ATSF depot at Lamar, CO,  built in 1907.  It houses the vistor's center, Chamber of Commerce, and is a stop on Amtrak's SW Chief .  4/21/11 photo.
Winslow, AZ
  Ex-Santa Fe depot at Winslow, AZ, 4/29/06. Today it serves as the Amtrak station.  Behind the tree is the La Posada Hotel; the last of the Harvey House's built by the Santa Fe in 1930.
Lamy, NM
 Ex-Santa Fe depot at Lamy, NM, 4/19/06.  It now serves as the Amtrak station for Santa Fe, NM.
Las Cruces, NM
Atchinson, Topeka, and Santa Fe (ATSF) depot at Las Cruces, NM. When this picture was taken on May 5, 2003, the depot was being remodeled for use by the local historical society.
Kingman, AZ
The ATSF depot at Kingman, AZ,  4/28/11.  The depot sat abandoned for many years, but just refurbished in this photo.  It nows appears near-ready for Amtrak use.

Carlsbad, NM
BNSF (Ex-ATSF) depot at Carlsbad, NM, 4/22/04.  Still in use today by train and maintenance crews.

Gainsville, TX
The former Santa Fe depot at Gainsville, TX, serves as a museum and a stop on the twice daily Amtrak Midwest Flyer which runs between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth, TX. 4/20/04 photo.
Holbrook, AZ
 Former ATSF depot at Holbrook, AZ, sat empty for many years, but was in the final phase of renovation in this 5/2/07 photo. It will be used by BNSF crews and rumor had it that a museum will be included.
      This is the ex-Santa Fe depot at Cherryvale, KS, 4/10/12.  Today it is the HQ for the South Kansas & Oklahoma (SKOL) railroad.
Chanute, KS
  The former ATSF depot at Chanute, KS, at one time featured a Harvey House. In this 4/20/15 photo, it's home to the public library and a museum.
Santa Fe, NM
The former ATSF depot at Santa Fe, NM, 5/06/15.  It now appears to be used by Santa Fe Southern and the New Mexico Rail Runner.
Pauls Valley, OK
  This ex-ATSF depot at Pauls Valley, OK, 4/18/16, was built in 1905.  Today it's usage is for commercial businesses.
Newton, KS
Ex-ATSF station at Newton, KS, 4/23/17. Built in 1929, and modeled after William Shakespeare's house, it is now a stop on Amtrak's Southwest Chief and home to several commercial businesses.
Shawnee, OK Ex-ATSF depot at Shawnee, OK, 4/18/16. Built in 1904, it saw it's last passenger train in 1973. It now houses the Pottawatomie County Museum.
Hereford, TX
Ex-ATSF depot at Hereford, TX, 4/19/16. Built in 1909, it saw it's last passenger train in 1973. It is now used as yard office and MOW base by BNSF.
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