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Florida East Coast Railway  

Florida East Coast Railway, Page 2
South from West Palm Beach, FL
Updated 2-15-2003  Current Picture Count = 24

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        One of the oldest surviving railroads in America, The Florida East Coast Railway, or FEC, is a large regional line that serves, go figure, the east coast of Florida. Its tracks run between Miami and Jacksonville, FL., where it interchanges with its main railroading partner Norfolk Southern. It also exchanges to a lesser extent with CSX in Jacksonville. For a little history of the FEC try this link. My page is about pictures of the FEC and my short experience with the railroad.

        I had the good fortune to spend a few months along the FEC while working in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, just 12 miles or so north of West Palm Beach, FL.  During the later part of February until mid May of 2002, I would find my way to the FEC lines to see what I could see. The FEC is operates a late afternoon / night schedule on this end of the state, but I was still able to find some good action to photograph early NB trains headed for Jacksonville.

        A short trip in July allowed me to catch a a couple in St. Augustine as well as a few more in the south part of the line.  Now back for an encore, I am spending most of October and into early November, trying to catch up with the FEC in a few more newer areas (new to me anyway) including areas south of WPB and north of Stuart.  Wish me luck!
        Click on a Thumbnail to View larger image. * after thumbnail denotes image added at latest update given above.  All Images Copyright Brett Wirick, Use for profit by permission only.  For information about current operations along the FEC visit Bob Pickering's site.  Several sites exist that provide good info, but one of the bette ones is this FEC page which includes schedules, info, and links to other FEC sites by Bote Man! I've also created prepared a chart which shows daylight locations of scheduled FEC trains!

West Palm Beach, FL

FEC 414  West Palm Beach, FLFEC 414  West Palm Beach, FLFEC 701  West Palm Beach, FLFEC 703  West Palm Beach, FLFEC 704  West Palm Beach, FLFEC 704  West Palm Beach, FLFEC 440  West Palm Beach, FLFEC 440  West Palm Beach, FLFEC 418  West Palm Beach, FLFEC 401  West Palm Beach, FLFEC 413  West Palm Beach, FLWest Palm Beach, FL

Lake Worth, FL

FEC 420  Lake Worth, FL

Boynton Beach, FL

FEC 504  Boynton Beach, FL

Delray Beach, FL

FEC  Delray Beach, FL*

Villa Rica, FL

FEC 709  Villa Rica, FLFEC 409  Villa Rica, FL*

Pompano Beach, FL

FEC 411  Pompano Beach, FL

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (New River Bridge)

FEC 410 Ft Lauderdale, FL

Ft Lauderdale, FL (Yard)

FEC 401 Ft Lauderdale, FLFEC 421 Ft Lauderdale, FLFEC 424 Ft Lauderdale, FLFEC 430  Ft Lauderdale, FLFEC 705  Ft Lauderdale, FL

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