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Union Pacific's Streamliner and Specials, The UP 951 and others.  

Union Pacific's Streamliner and Specials
Updated 11-19-2001

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        This page will highlight the various UP specials that roam the rails every year.  I currently have only caught two of them, one with the E's on the point and one showing off Up's new US Flag scheme applied to UP 4526 and UP 4527.  Hopefully, I'll be getting the new Olympic Scheme soon, as soon as the schedule is available, I'll be making plans to see it.

        The Flags were caught starting at Kelso, CA on 11-18-2001. I followed them all the way back to Vegas, where many of UP's top brass detrained for a Vegas evening. The new scheme is very nice and kudos to Union Pacific for their show of patriotism! There are 10 shots from that special with more to follow in future updates.

        The UP "E's" made a visit in the spring of 2001. UP 951 led the westbound special to the Las Vegas, NV area on April, 21, 2001, before heading on to LA. I regrettably was not aware of the visit and only by chance caught the Streamliner. Therefore I wasn't ready or able to follow the train very far south and hence, well, let's just say I am not to pleased. Must keep up on current events better. These are the best 9 pictures I snapped. Hopefully,  I'll be able to go see the Streamliner under more favorable conditions in the future.

      The weather was also not cooperating, very overcast, we even had fresh snow on the mountains surrounding the valley. So the pictures are only fair at best, but hey.... Click on a Thumbnail to View a larger image. Images also available in a larger 1100 X 735 format by e-mailing me. All Images Copyright, Use for profit by permission only.  To see another classic UP train go to my Steam Page.

UP 4526 and 4527 (The new flag scheme)  Nov. 2001

UP 4526  Cima, CAUP 4526  Chase, CAUP 4526  Kelso, CAUP Inspection Car  Dawes, CAUP 4526  Sloan, NVUP 4527  Sloan, NVUP 4527 Flag Close-upUP Harriman  Las Vegas, NVUP Lone Star  Las Vegas, NVUP 's Dick Davidson Special  Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV to Sutor, NV  April-2001

UP 951  Sloan, NVUP 951  Boulder Jct., NVUP 951  Las Vegas, NVUP 951  Las Vegas, NVUP 951 Erie, NV

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