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Keep checking back to this page from time to time. New photos and events, new locomotives, rollingstock, buildings etc etc. will be added progressively. Reports on visits to other G scale layouts, club meetings and running days will be included.
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Latest Update; 5th November, 2018
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5th November 2018 -

Yellow Bo Diesel for the BTR.

Modifications were made to an LGB 0-4-0 diesel.

This little Loco has proved to be quite useful on the BTR.

Completed Loco has the BTR 'family look'.


24th September 2018 -

New Guards Van for the BTR.

There has been a need for a new Guards van for the BTR.

Modifications were made to one of the fleet of my plain B Class coaches.

The BTR now has two such BLV Guards Vans.

Completed Van has the 'look' we were hoping for.


24th July 2018 -

Maintenance works undertaken in recent times.

The BTR still has a few Locomotives that have NiMh battery cells.

While still ongoing, several more have laterly been fitted with LiPo 3S batteries.

The photo attached shows one such LiPo battery being pushed up inside the BTR Shay firebox/boiler.

After it slides all the way into the firebox it is not too noticable behind firebox door.

Another task is the ungoing conversion of couplers to Kadee type as funds permit.

Several rakes of wagons have been treated in recent times.

All my Kadee couplers have been modified by adding copper hooks.

A hole is drilled through the back of the Kadee, then a bent copper wire hook is inserted.

This allows for coupling to some remaining 4 wheel wagons that have hook & loop couplings.

It also allows for running with other "GRASS" members rolling stock on visiting days.


22nd February 2018 -

Coal Loading facility ready for coal trains.

The completed Coal Load Out facility on the BTR is a 1/24th scale model.


22nd February 2018 -

Coastal Steamer at the Shenanigan's Wharf.

The latest addition to the facilities on the BTR is a 1/24th scale model of a Coastal Steam Ship.


03rd November 2017 -

Rebuilding of the Tabletop now completed.

The Track work and Ballasting is now done and trains are running again.

Test train includes longest wheel base wagons to check side to side clearances .

17th October 2017 -

Rebuild in progress of the Tabletop track plan.

The fibre cement sheets on which tracks and ballast were laid were 4mm thick.
Over the years since 2005, wet & dry deterioration of the fibre cement and
wet & dry rot in the underlying timbers had caused undulations in "Top" of rails.

Decided to improve the track plan by adding a fourth run through road
Also wished to do away with the Hang-over of the station platform.
So the replacement sheets are now 8mm thick x 900mm wide in lieu of the former 600mm wide sheets.
The Blue Board sheets are painted on the underside, ballast side and edges with a Charcoal colour sealer / primer.
The ballast is 5mm crushed Basalt (Blue Metal).

The Blue Boards in place after mitre cutting and trial fitting.


2nd October 2017 -

More loads for the Standard Quarry Flat Wagons.

The Cylinders/Tanks adapted from the small Coke Cola cans.

These are obtained in 8 packs at supermarkerts.

They are mounted on craddles and sit loose on standard Flat Wagons as and when required.


5th August 2017 -

A few hours free to make a variant to the Standard Quarry Flat Wagons.

The Chord Wood Wagon includes a demountable CRADDLE,

that can be fitted to a standard Flat Wagon as and when required.

Chord Wood is used to fire the Vertical Boiler for the Quarry Crane.


1st April 2017 -

A few weeks of rainy weather has provided an opportunity to build a KA Wagon.

The painted KA Class Wagon ready for traffic.


14th March 2017 -

Another rainy day saw me modeling 44 gallon drums.

The completed drums. .

05th March 2017 -

A rainy weekend allowed me to do some modeling.

The Boiler for the slowly evolving Coal Wharf Crane has been delivered to the BTR.


11th February 2017 -

More Wagon loads have become available as a result of some DIY handyman tools reaching the end of the service life.

These are heavy enough to merely be placed on a wagon (loose) and stay put for regular train running vibration.


27th November 2016 -

More F5 Class 5 plank wagons enter service on the BTR.

The F5 Class 5 plank Wagon is modeled in wood.


28th November 2016 -

New Water Tank under construction for the BTR.

The completed model is ready to be 'weathered'.


6th November 2016 -

New coal load out Bunker for Hells Gate colliery on the BTR.



6th November 2016 -

New Coal Wharf Crane begins construction for Shenanigan's Wharf on the BTR.

This model has been commenced and is at the early stages of work,
so it is merely an incomplete collection of parts awaiting assembly soon.


2nd September 2016 -

New string of coal hopper wagons enters service on the BTR.

These models feature realistic hoppers that are a free fit and not attached to the under carriage.
Just like the real coal hopper wagons, the hoppers can be crane lifted off the frames to be
slewed over ship holds for unloading coal. The crane then returns the hopper to the corresponding under carriage.

To see a Video of a Coal pick up train from Hells Gate Colliery, 'click' on this small photo;


5th August 2016 -

Recommencement of activity on the BTR.

After a long absence, there is renewed activity on wagon construction on the BTR.
The Garden had become quite overgrown and some track maintenance was required.
Four more VR Coal Hopper Wagons are under construction, soon to join the fleet.

30th August 2015 -

Engine Shed at Tabletop Station precinct.

The somewhat neglected and forgotten Engine Shed at Tabletop.
It is used to house the Railmotor overnight ready for the morning run down to the Coast.
Here, 0-4-0 ROBIN, is at the Shed for a minor repair after a shunting incident.

31st July 2015 -

Video Camera MOUNTING with "Oversteering" into curves.

Self Oversteering Video Camera mounting and linkages have been tested on the BTR.
several options enable video footage on curved track to 'see around curves'
so that the video viewer can see what is coming up next down the track.

14th July, 2015 -

New CROSSOVER installed on Spiral Bridge.

There has been a need to allow 'Balloon Loop to Balloon Loop' running of trains 'on-the-level'or upper part of the BTR.
This new crossover allows trains to run around the top level in several track configuration options;
Dog Bone (overlapped), inner circuit, outer circuit and a circular track around Hammock Hill.

Before the CROSSOVER was installed.

The new CROSSOVER in place.

Carried forward from 2014; 16th March, 2015 -

Modifications to Track Plan layout for the BTR.

During October 2014, wood rot was discovered in bridge timbers in the approach trestles to the Amber Junction table.
This prompted some remedial works that turned into a re-construction project and improved track arrangement.
click in the left margin, on this page, at Related pages; Track Plan, Map to see more details.


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