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1983 Tube Stock

The 1983 Tube Stock was built for the 'original' Jubilee Line, but was retired from passenger service when the extension to the line was built and the 1996 Tube Stock was introduced.

There were a number of plans for their reuse, one of which was to adapt them for the Piccadilly Line, but a number of technical problems were encountered, not least the matter of alignment of the doors with platforms and that the doors were of single leaf design, rather then the 73TS double doors and that the doors were significantly slower in operation than the 73TS.

Eventually the decision was made that they could not be reused and they are now being progressively disposed of. They were stored in a variety of locations across London Underground.

You may well note that there are a number of similarities in the cab and its equipment with the D78 Stock; they were very much based on that successful design.

19 83 Tube Stock

1983 Tube Stock

Drivers Desk - general view

Drivers Desk - detail

Drivers guages and door controls

Combined Traction Brake Controller and Selector Swithch

Nearside Panel

Off side desk - general view

Offside cab panel - detail

Offside desk - drivers controls

Nearside rear bulkhead

Offside rear bulkhead

Offside rear bulkhead - detail

M Door

Destination Blind box

Cab door open/close controls


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