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Wood Lane

Wood Lane is the home of the Central Line.

The Central Line, as you may know, is the only line other than the Victoria Line which has ATO - Automatic Train Operation - and the signalling centre controls not only the signals, but it also transmits the various codes which operate the trains.

The Central is again different in that (again other than the Victoria Line) it's Automation Train Protection (ATO) is also worked from the signal system, rather than the trainstop and tripcock method used on the other lines of London Underground.

To read more about ATO (but in particular that used on the Victoria Line) a visit to Tubeprune's site here is worthwhile and for an explanation of the Centrail Line's signalling system visit here.

Panorama of the Wood Lane Control Centre

Panorama of the Wood Lane Control Centre

Central Line Controllers at work

Centrail Line Controllers at work

General View

Engineers desk

Signal Display


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