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Miscellaneous Photos

I'm always pleased to receive any photos of unusual items seen around London Underground, so I've decided to start a new 'Miscellaneous' Album where I'll publish such treats!

I'll credit each photo individually.

1962 Tube Stock in Ealing Common Depot

1992 TS train taken in White City Depot

1973 Tube Stock in UA scheme

C Stock in Yellow Pages Scheme

On the day of the 1938 Tube Stock's run on the Piccadilly Line my friend and Central Line SDM extraordinaire Phil Wimbush had been trying to get to Acton Town to take some photos.  Unfortunately London Underground conspired against him in the shape of a signal failure at Eastcote, so his efforts were foiled!

However, the results of the failure presented a chance to get a most unusual photo, In the shape of an A60 train in very close proximity to a 73TS train as the drivers proceeded to work their trains forward 'under rule'!

In Phil's own words  'Please find attached my '38 stock compensation shot, I boarded the '73 at Uxbridge to go to Acton Town ( for the '38 ) and on arrival at Ickenham we joined the queue to trip past a signal in the Eastcote area, realising how long this would take, I crossed over the bridge and came home with the right sulks !!'

Bad luck Phil, but thanks for a great picture!

The following three photos have been supplied to me by Tom Corcoran of some details of the D78 Stock - thanks Tom.

Driving Motor Car 7091

D78 Cab

D Stock Interior

On an altogether more serious note, the following photos were sent to me anonymously showing the damage to the Northern Line Train and adjacent infrastructure following the derailment at Camden Town on Sunday 19 October 2003. As has been well publicised there were injuries, although happily these were relatively few and only two involved required more than a brief hospital visit.

The photos are pretty self-explanatory, so I have added no captions or comments.


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